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5 minutes ago, angelangie said:


unfortunately no more scenery left, they are making a super long and super high overhead bridge and they had alot of those trees away!!!

Ah.. that's too bad. Trees are the house of the birds. 


But yes trees are pretty less and less each day as people keep building some stores and anything. The pollutant is increasing as the fresh air is very limited. But since lockdown I feel that the air is much fresher than before. Less C02


Before me 144 so mine 142

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2 minutes ago, angelangie said:


lockdown is lifted now....things will be back to the new normal now i guess

Yup. Sometimes when we r busy complaing that we r trapped inside the house with less outdoor activity and social contact. Something that we didn't realize. Lockdown is having a big part in making the air and some pollutants lessen. 



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6 minutes ago, MY15 said:

Then what do you do between 5am and the time to go to work?

 I lay on my bed a little longer,  or search on internet or do other things. I do not do psychical exercices, that`s for sure.:w00t:





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