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Add and Subtract Game

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hai everyone.. the night was approaching..  to a team add @Lmangla @Ameera Ali @corey   @MayanEcho  @partyon   @iksunijini@sadthe1st @Min2206 @Thong Thin   @pompyavi @mirmz @larus @joccu  @M

hai everyone.. night in the sockets rounds.   to a team add @Sleepy Owl @Ameera Ali    @iksunijini @corey @cenching    @Nodame   @pompyavi @larus @Jillia   @MayanEcho  @partyon @Lm

hai everyone.. the real night sky.  to a team add @Ernie @Min2206  @4evrkdrama @Catleya    @sadthe1st @cenching   @MayanEcho @Thong Thin @Sleepy Owl  @joccu @pompyavi @Nodame    @J

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29 minutes ago, MinLyn said:

Hi there, @Sleepy Owl! As far as I know, I don't think there will be a love triangle as this story will mainly delve on the romance between Hye-Joon and Jung-Ha. As is also shown in the character chart, there is no indication of a loveline between Hae-Hyo and Jung-Ha. Most likely, I reckon it will be more of admiration and respect for Jung-Ha coming from Hae-Hyo. 



Thanks for sharing it, I was actually thinking that we could see Hae Hyo developing feelings for Jung Ha, but if that is not the case, it would be better for the plot, I guess.


24 minutes ago, nrllee said:

It’s okay so far. I haven’t watched the most recent eps (this week).  I wouldn’t say that I am blown away.  I plan to start RoY and I have a feeling I may drop Brahms and decide to just binge when it’s done if I find RoY a better watch. I am already at my limit with “live” dramas. I tend to watch only 2 max.  Stranger2 and Alice are dramas that you have to rewatch scenes over so its time consuming.  


I am at the limit of it too, but I did see that I could give it a try on wed-thurs because the only drama I watch on those days in FOE. But you are right about Stranger 2 and Alice, they make you rewatch scenes sometimes more than once and so they are the ones which consume most of the time. That's why I was searching for a drama which would be light in story and not make me think too much. RoY seems to be that sort of drama so far, so maybe you could give it a try too :approves:.


@partyon Noona, good morning :Pandabulous:.




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9 minutes ago, Thong Thin said:


Morning @partyon

Enjoy your breakfast and me having lunch now. 



Morning! What are you having for lunch today? :droolz: (This cat always cracks me up btw :joy: licking the hamburger)


10 minutes ago, Sleepy Owl said:


 Noona, good morning



Morning sweetie dongsaeng ! :kiss_wink: Why do I feel like a truck ran over me this morning? :joy:



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Me this morning.... :D


@nrllee I agree with your post about long haired guys. I prefer them with short hair - no bangs covering their foreheads. I was surprised to see Park Bo Gum with such a short haircut - it's early 2000s hairstyle, no?

Let's see if it will create a trend in SK.



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Hey !  @MinLyn  


I had a delicious  &  cheap lunch. 

Businesses are affected here and those eateries are trying to survive due to the pandemic...imagine a lunch with drinks cost only RM 9.00 !

That's cheap !


ROY ?...,...how can I forget my bias...gummy :joy:

Is in my watch list :doggie:

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