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randomly watching a youtube video on italian inspired words in english that actually don't exist in italian. this sentence cracks me up "this pseudo italism is used in the word pepperoni pizza" -- apparently pepperoni is not an italian word. :sweatingbullets:



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1 hour ago, alleram95 said:


Don't worry, whether you drop it or not I'm all good. Everyone has different taste and preference in drama. We're still friends :)

Aww, glad to hear that. :kiss_wink:




I don't watch My unfamiliar family but I follow the recap. I think last week episodes are better than previous. There's cliffhanger in the end of ep 14. But from short clips ep 15 that I saw, the cliffhanger ended well


@alleram95 @triplem TBH I'm not sure if I will watch ep 13-15 - I might just skip directly to ep 16. The steam of the drama ended for me around ep 10. The drama became repetitive and the growth of our characters became stagnant for everyone else except the parents. When the father collapsed and it was alluded that he wasn't going to make it, I just couldn't continue. :(



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"if you come to italy and order latte, you will get a glass of milk" :joy:

I love this teacher's exasperated expression -- like how dare they butcher the word for milk into this idea of coffee with milk. LOL


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