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Add and Subtract Game

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27 minutes ago, Jillia said:

Hopefully you did that when the weather was still bearable. But so great to read you enjoyed your day! :D




We did! We could only do outdoor things from July, when temps are already soaring. We were in lockdown/curfews from March, so the pleasant times to be out passed us by. But hot weather or not, we enjoyed our outing. :)



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6 hours ago, partyon said:


All good chingu! :kiss_wink: Enjoying some vacation time before going back to work.

Ooh, you should really start watching Flower of Evil.... It''s soooo good!


Hi @MinLyn How are you today? :kiss_wink:



I´m glad to hear that you are fine. How do you have until you go back to work?

I will start it tonight :happyshakes:


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  • partyon changed the title to Add and Subtract Game

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