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Add and Subtract Game

Hospital Playlist re-watch before season 2 starts   

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  1. 1. Would you be interested in participating in a re-watch before season 2 starts? (re-watch kicking off late April / early May)

    • Yes, count me in!
    • Maybe, depends on my schedule
    • No, too busy / Not even if Ms. Koko pays me will I watch it again....

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  • Poll closes on 04/27/2021 at 03:00 PM

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5 minutes ago, Alice Wonderland said:

I will check it out. A few hours ago i keep banking my monies since I was told we're getting our interest tonight. But I didn't see it added yet. 


I took the difference between the last transaction 15 July and the first transaction on 16 July.


@larus I went back to check, it was 610 for your first post.


612 (corrected)

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4 minutes ago, partyon said:



Yup, call me unnie. :D

No idea if I'm the culprit, but the rick-rolling started after I called him a female programmer.... hmm ?!?!?



Well it can´t be a coincidence unnie...it can only be because of what you said. 




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28 minutes ago, lyrically aesthetic said:

hoping for a kim soo hyun and seo ye ji badge 

lowkey hoping you *were making that in the give me badge event tho:crazymad:




614 corrected

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I lost precious sleep for the battle last night. It was intense!! Thank goodness there is a break in between rounds bec I don’t think I can do it in succession. :crazily:




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6 minutes ago, partyon said:


@Alice Wonderland lol - you are always having me interview all the newbies.... :D

Can you please make a list of them so I can interview them....? Thank you! :D



I'm just curious a bit of our new friends here unnies. So yeah.. that's why. 


Here you go

@lyrically aesthetic

@sadthe1st I've asked her where she is from, you can ask the rest most crucial things here. Lol


Who else.. hmm.. so far that I noticed fron recent posts. 


Caaa..sijakhaseyo.. unnie!



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4 minutes ago, lyrically aesthetic said:


Maybe you should make one. From what I `ve seen everyone is making the badge they want here.




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  • partyon changed the title to Add and Subtract Game
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