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Add and Subtract Game

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Re-watch party: Season 1 (sageuks)   All our chingus, come and join us for a special sageuk re-watch party event!   We have chosen three sageuks: 1) Faith (with Lee Min Ho)

This is a rare event, but we put up a k-pop poll (tagging @Lmangla). BTS released their first English language song ever yesterday. Check out the video! The song is pretty catchy!  

@partyon I generally am not that much attracted to sageuks. Faith was my first costume drama, I remember being very confused on what was going on in that drama and I actually dropped it initially, the

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18 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

Oppa Ray Ambler so powerful. His thread exist for so long. Curious if anyone spoke to him before? 

I just saw his picture before the thread is passed down to the new heiress. I remember him with a black jacket and glasses on I think.


Wherever he is,  hope he's okay and perhaps he'd be shocked once he's back that his big corporation has been reshuffled. :astonished:


@phikyl it's okay. It's your privacy.  We will just call you phikyl. :blush: 

As my name is very common, you can find more than 100 people with this name. Hahaha.


19 minutes ago, phikyl said:

You're saying the first part right but the second half should sound more like curl [without the r] than keel. 

Ah... I see. So it's like /ˈfik(ə)l/ as in Fickle. Got it. 


19 minutes ago, phikyl said:

You can have the traitors, there's no buying me out of Team Add!

Hahahaha. We love the traitors. Don't be too mad at them... they're just salaryman! They need uwu panda and oppas :Megalol:



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@Lawyerh @RayAmbler7 Was on here a couple years ago now... Back when it was just me, @TRaNz, @packmule3 and @CamelKnight playing and chatting. I haven't seen him in a long time though. 


The picture for Gemini is literally two faces. If you search "gemini image" in google it'll bring up a bunch of pics of two faces looking at each other and the roman numeral 2. 


It's supposedly a core trait of geminis to be super fickle and "two-faced." They're also apparently more adventurous/carefree than other signs and don't like structure. I find that about half of the traits fit me fine and half of them are wildly off. I like planning and organization. I schedule and organize my life constantly [via a bullet journal] so that doesn't jive with my personality but being fickle is definitely me. 


I don't believe in horoscopes but I find them entertaining to read. :eats:





Edit:@Alice Wonderland Much appreciated. :heart3:

My full name is one of a kind [literally] so I try not to use it outside of real life. :lol: 




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9 minutes ago, Sushimi said:
10 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

u kidnap 1 of uwu. Did u take loan for it? :joy:

No, that’s my hard earn money! No loan! We don’t do loan here haha 

Wait... I just notice this. Could we have a loan??? How???


I need some loan for oppa panda and badges! What's the requirements??


9 minutes ago, alleram95 said:

About my username, it does contain several alphabets from my real name

Ah.. I see. It's interesting.


You guys can tell me about your username and why did you choose it. No need to spill your personal details if it invades your privacy just a general preview won't hurt I guess. 




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I am confused with the new reactions for reputation points feature. I have been twerking and shocking and it increases your rep points but not mine right? And that is in addition to the +2 Soompi points for receiving a reaction?


1 hour ago, Alice Wonderland said:

Chingu-deul!! may I ask? 

What does your username mean?

Is it your real of pseudonym?

Why did you choose it?



I made this username when I was a teenager (many many moons ago), I think I was in some PIsces emo-nemo mood so something something choosing the plainest name Jane and she gets only wallflowers (blending into the surroundings). By happy coincidence, which I forgot about, this is also my fanfiction and ao3 username so I figured it can just be my fandom id now. :piggydance:


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