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4 minutes ago, phikyl said:

@Alice Wonderland   IOTNBO spoilers incoming everyone else: 

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I actually felt really bad for Sang Tae in the part where Jae Soo is talking to him and saying that Gang Tae didn't need Jae Soo to be another brother, that he needed a friend. When Sang Tae said he needed a friend too, I teared up. I really hope this incoming jealousy arc with him, GT, and MY ends up with ST/MY becoming good friends because he's right; he needs a friend too. :tears:







i forgot to write these ST focus on thread! I think its important for future development of jealousy, dilemma etc

i also worry abt what Jaesoo said dont trust KT too much

it could makes ST anxious..



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ST is too used to being GT's entire world. I know GT has just been trying to protect him but ST really needed to be learning to rely on himself and that it's ok to share GT. Because now we have GT showing hardcore feelings for MY but he's going to have to navigate the minefield that is ST's feelings on the matter. 


It's almost like a parent bringing home a date to meet their kid when they've made a point of not being part of any relationship for a long time. ST is going to need an adjustment period and I really hope the fans don't judge him too harshly when he inevitably has a hard time accepting GT/MY. He's like a child in a way and just needs time to get used to/accept the idea. 




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@phikyl I feel sad for that part too. 



And when ST said to KT that mom always order jjampong cuz KT loves it. And KT thought it was all because of her brother while actually it's him. Sad... how mom gives him her noodle saying she's okay. Aww... KT just realized this now. Such a heartbreaking moment.


Yes, h9pe they all end up as good friends. Let's throw all those jealousy. But I guess we might get some jealousy thing a bit more. I guess tonight's eps ST is going to throw a tantrum over something again, what about this time. Did he put JS's thought into serious thought once he sees that KT is slowly caring for MY more than him? Okay.. this is not what I expected so I hope it has better plot than I imagined. Lol




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@Alice Wonderland


Surprisingly, I did know this whole arc was coming with GT/ST/MY. ST isn't jealous romantically but he lives and breathes MY's books. In almost every scene with him he's reading them or drawing pictures of the stories. It's almost like she's his not-so-imaginary friend. She also talks to him and treats him like a person. 


Now, I'm definitely not saying that GT doesn't treat him like a person because he does but it's different. GT tends to baby ST and MY doesn't. MY treats him like he's her equal and that's what ST has been craving in my opinion. 




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