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Re-watch party: Season 1 (sageuks)   All our chingus, come and join us for a special sageuk re-watch party event!   We have chosen three sageuks: 1) Faith (with Lee Min Ho)

This is a rare event, but we put up a k-pop poll (tagging @Lmangla). BTS released their first English language song ever yesterday. Check out the video! The song is pretty catchy!  

@partyon I generally am not that much attracted to sageuks. Faith was my first costume drama, I remember being very confused on what was going on in that drama and I actually dropped it initially, the

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19 minutes ago, wallflowersforjane said:


@snowlou Has anyone discussed the significance of Chi Hong giving SH shoes in Iksong thread? Don't know if I found something interesting about it. :sweatingbullets:

errr...i dont.think anyone has...i think the recent one someone asked about why IJ was measuring SHwa's shoes... But i dont think anyone said anything about ChiHon giving shoes:blink: Please post it....hahjaja even if it turns out someone has...you could just edit your post acknowledging the fact no? ;)

@TRaNz :heart3: i lost but honestly i dont know which one is the gift coz there re a few gifts sitting in my items. Thank you anyhow 


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@kokodus Yes to all things! Yeah, I know Chinese dramas aren't really your thing which is why I didn't really recommend it at all. @themarchioness recommended it to me and had to persuade me to watch it but then I ended up adoring the show. :rainbow:


@Sejabin It's called The Story of Minglan. It aired last year I believe but I didn't get around to watching it until about a month ago. 


Suntaek pink: I take it you weren't in the Reply 88 thread when it aired? I was pretty vocal about my ship, probably almost as much as @packmule3. Plus, I stayed up overnight multiple nights to get all the contest entries in! 



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6 minutes ago, TRaNz said:



@TiNaDo small kind reminder, just refresh the page after you post your number, just incase someone posts before you and you overlap or go out of count. :heart:

Awww, @TRaNz, appreciate both the reminder & the gift! :wub:



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@TRaNz did not get anything from the box, but appreciate the thought!


Lol Koko I saw that YYS has unfollowed the account:joy:

Is he just going to not say anything and pretend it didn’t happen??


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@TRaNz But it was a WINNING box for me. :P


@Sejabin It's on Youtube! I think it might be on Viki also but not sure about that. I just stuck to watching it on Youtube. 


Reply 88 is still hands down my favorite drama but the ships got a bit crazy on both sides. =X



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