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Add and Subtract Game


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9 hours ago, mirmz said:

ya i returned and got super sunburned on my back. :(

it was really fun but i was by myself a lot of the time. :"(


Sunburn? Oh... don't you use sun-block or something? It helps you prevent from getting sunburn. I used to get it when having vacation at beach. Especially here in dry season the sun is quite scorching hot in the day. But it's been a long time since pandemic, can't go anywhere. It's just office, home or shopping for daily needs. 



9 hours ago, snowlou said:

woww...so good waking up early! It feels like no matter how early i go to bed, I still struggle if I have to wake up prior to 8am 

If I have something to do or more work so I set the alarm to wake me up very early. I do sleep in and wake up at 10 am if I have nothing to do. It's hard for me too. It has to scream like 5 times until I really wake up. Hahaha




P.S. the number is so low. Who has won??

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