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Add and Subtract Game


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I think it was raining this morning because it's a little bit colder than usual and my bed feels more comfortable calling me back to sleep.

Drop by to say a good morning and congratulations for @stroppyse and @triplem for being promoted. I noticed your colored user name is now the same as @angelangie from my phone, so that's mean both of you are global moderator too, right ? 




Based on my notification I think I know who I have to thanks @phikyl :heart:



Will reply any mentions later tonight. Gotta rush to office






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19 minutes ago, snowlou said:

@bairama do you have very bad traffic jam in your city? If yes then motorcycle is a very good choice. I remember when i used to hop for a ride in motorcycle..once i came back home and wiped my face...the tissue was full of dirt/black stuff 


@snowlou, I can definitely relate to this. :lol: Have never ridden on a motorbike before but I took the tuk tuk a couple of times in Bangkok. When we returned to the hotel, our clothes ended up with lots of dust and dirt on them and not forgetting, our faces too.


458 corrected

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