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Add and Subtract Game


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3 hours ago, phikyl said:

It helps to think of ST as a child rather than an adult. I know he looks like an adult but in his mind, he's closer to about 10 years old. He's not intentionally trying to be manipulative, he just doesn't understand. Just give him some time and he'll make you tear up. I can promise that! 

I see. But the moment I saw KT feels so miserable to give up everything because of him is so upsetting. So I forgot for a while that he is the child ST. Like the hospital director said if KT could hold it well this time who knows someday he'll be the one to help him. I haven't done watched ep 10 yet. Paused at the part he cried trolling he did a mistake. Gotta catch up soon. Thanks. I think I can feel more thoughtful to watch now. 


Btw if anyone ever watched kim sabu S2. MY's ceo is Park Min Gyu Kyeosu nim??? Just realized after he lost his beard and mustache! His character is totally different here. No wonder I feel like ever see him before. It's the answer. Lol


Rainy morning. Good reason for skipping jogging. Yay. Hahaha. Get some more sleep. So lazy!



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29 minutes ago, snowlou said:

@bairama usually catching public transport or driving to work? 

Im usually drivingg motorcycle/car love both of them:letsgo: this place had a very limited public transpoo



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