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Add and Subtract Game


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24 minutes ago, Alice Wonderland said:

Oh samee!! I watched both shows. But TTMWLM ... ooohhh... even the title is quite confusing. MrM is another name for this and it's short. So... I like this but they want to break the 2nd lead heart that hard!! Sigh... I love the ML but tje 2nd lead is so sweet and I hate that they keep using this one sided love and triangle trope over and over. So uncreative! 


Train not yet... lawyerh loves it. She said it's good. So I'm considering to try some episodes later. Yes. Later. Hahaha


I'm waiting for its new episodes up so earning more monies are perfect to kill the time.

  I'm wondering if (whoever that might be) purposely cast the two actors together again and the story/scenario is similar to the MCW's Mama Fairy something drama. I'm wondering perhaps this time Yoon Hyun Min will get the girl since Seo Ji Hoon got the girl last time. I'm not hooked on any of these dramas yet (otherwise I wouldn't be here for hours) but I'm keeping up-to-date and see if they will captivate or keep me entertained.


Train is only out maybe 4 episodes, so you can definitely wait a bit. Ditto, I'm seriously wondering this time "the weekend" is very long, but I'm not complaining.

1 hour ago, larus said:

1. No, I don`t have an oppa. I used to hate the term "oppa" when I heard it in kdramas. Now I am amused of the term when everyone is using it. I used to be happy when other people`s oppa went to military. Sorry.

But I have fave actors. Too many to mention.

2. Yes I like abs. Not obsesive either. But I like to admire them from time to time.

3. No, I am from Europe (Romania).

I'm backtracking a bit now...

@angelangie @larus

Hmm now you both make me wonder is my list "Oppa" or "bias" or "fav actors"?

For me, I thought when we mentioned Oppa it can also mean "bias" or "actor". :D

Although I may be attracted more easily to an actor who is handsome, but I like it more if they are good in acting. And there are also actor who isn't as handsome but are so charming when they are acting. So I just put them all in "bias/oppa/good actor" list.

20 minutes ago, triplem said:

 I don’t know how to use it myself. It’s Singlish rather than Manglish

I read this examples on how to use 



“Did you watch the new Star Wars Trailer?”
“Yeah man/dude!” Or in Singlish, “ya sia!”

“I heard you got fined for speeding recently”
“Ya sia...”

Hmm interesting. Does "sia" derive from Malay, Indian or Chinese dialects?

Singlish is a mixture of them all so it's really hard to tell, lol.


+2 (I'm too busy chatting I don't know the number yet)------------->556

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16 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

1. I need to put on the tag lol. I think I might miss out someone, maybe the ppl here can help me

  Hide contents

Seo Kang Joon

Yoon Kye Sang

Lee Seo Jin

Lee Seung Gi

Yoo Yeon Seok (on halt till S2)

Joo Jong Suk (on halt till S2)

Cho Seung Woo (on halt till S2)

Ji Jin Hee (on off)

Lee Sang Yeob (on off)

Kim Nam Gil (idk for a while)

Jung Kyung Ho (idk for a while)

Jang Ki Yong (new & promising)

2. Occasionally. I prefer handsome face, beautiful fingers more. But @triplem teach me the art of admiring abs

3. Yes.


@mademoisellesia you also done this questionnaire ah? Haha...

Yeah I was asked on my first day joining this thread by @partyon and then went all excited with abs flying left, right and center... and embarrassing to say I contributed to many in the poll (on my FIRST day in the thread... NOT knowing anyone here....)


I must be so stressed back then, oh yes, I was... my HDD died, I needed distraction. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


+2 (556 again?)

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