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Add and Subtract Game


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8 minutes ago, snowlou said:

@partyon hahahahah...the essay bit isn't literal coz it ain't essay at all..it's just pretty much rambling..but the 1000 words is literal. I counted and it was 900something words :joy: Oh true but stroppyse at least said she's already eyeing that ship while you hadn't at all up to ep5 .. you can't just jump on the ship suddenly without and prelude whatsoever can you


You don't understand.... I'm a two-timer! I can jump ship anytime. :joy:

7 minutes ago, wallflowersforjane said:

OMG it's so white! I need sunglasses!


I was like this:



Thanks @Hanyeoun for the new theme!:kiss_wink: I shall start to use it.



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24 minutes ago, snowlou said:

@wallflowersforjane chingu why are you still sadddd.. (insert 'wiping your tears' emoji)


Because they hurt so good! Even some tweets make me sad. :bawling:


@Lynne 20 years of that burnnnn. WG can't compare (and that's my main ship).


16 minutes ago, partyon said:

I was like this:



My instinctive reaction to that gif: Chandler and Monica, Chandler and Monica, Chandler and Monicaaaaa!


Okay, back to dark mode. And my eyes say:





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26 minutes ago, snowlou said:


@Lynne just hopefully not too slow..by s2 hopefully it's like 

@kokodus when i first read 'the blog that shall not be named'... i thought it was the other blog and then you mentioned 40somethingahjumma and i was like 'huh'?!??! Now i got it though hahah


Seee... I know I'm not the only one thinking about the other blog haha.. 


LOL.. anyway... I'm sure we'll know more about Iksong in S2, but if there're like Rachel and Ross then we def have to be patient... huhu...  


@wallflowersforjane Wintergarden is so adorbs... they're like babies... I'm looking forward to them being soft and adorbs in S2. 


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hahahha... am loving the comments that @Hanyeoun has included in the description. for oppa and myself badge by @kokodus, it is a "no comment" :joy: LOL... bwahahah.. but can we have some, cough', more affordable badges in the variety of 1000, 500 and 250 points? :waves:

I like the evolution mode and so I am sticking to it. hope people can see my blue. let me know! otherwise, will have to go with the automatic font color. #don'tbreakmyheart!



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1 minute ago, Lawyerh said:


@mademoisellesia I alrd watched My Ahjussi, he's the loan shark there lol. But he's good as villain. WWW I tried ep 1, his character not that interesting? And the ship idk, not my taste. 

Oh, keep watching. He's beauuuuu-ti-ful in there. 



See. How can you say no to this much pretty??? The ship doesn't matter so much (although I like it). :D 


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