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3 minutes ago, kokodus said:

I think except Ikjun, who is referred to as genius by other characters, others all got where they are now by hardwork and sincerity. 20 years in the med field and they are still as passionate and determined as when they were young. I'm giving you a warning right now, don't expect too much on the romance front, you will only get small crumbs each ep, but I guess that is what made us all super addicted. LOL.


I think Dr. Jang is now officially my favorite character. :D I also like Dr. Do :D



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4 minutes ago, partyon said:


I think Dr. Jang is now officially my favorite character. :D I also like Dr. Do :D



*Containing the excitement to not scare you off* 


hmmmm....really? Why do you like her? She ain't that special......


Dr. Do is everyone's favourite. Eeeeeeee. Jun wan and Dr. Do's Tom and Jerry chemistry was really one of the highlight of the show. Lol. 



@stroppyse This show is planned to have 3 seasons if everything goes well. So you can imagine how slow the romance will be here.......LOL.

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@Alice Wonderland I've had a bad ankle since moving abroad and some musculoskeletal pain this month. I'm seriously considering getting a steroid shot. But no sweat, I think free Soompi points from my friends here will bring me some relief. Lololol




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3 minutes ago, stroppyse said:


What?! I'm not sure whether to cheer or groan. On the one hand, I like the characters so far and wouldn't mind watching the interactions over a larger episode count. On the other hand, that means minimal romance or red herrings on the romance for a long, long, LONG time. :coolshades:



I think I scared you off with that info, let me just salvage this by saying that this show is not like Reply series. There are no red herrings. There are a few surprises here and there, but mostly the lovelines are already fixed, the question is whether they will sail or not. LOL. 


One already sailed off into the sunset......:doggie:


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@stroppyse @mirmz I think it's been over a year since Grumpy Cat passed on. 


As for the White House question [I'm not sure who asked it] I believe the cat and her owners were invited to dinner at the White House when the Grumpy Cat meme went super viral. Iirc, I saw some pictures of the Obamas and the Grumpy Cat family together on another site. 



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