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1 minute ago, angelangie said:

sigh....is ur dad anywhere near that person? or the department of the suspect?

My sister said they were near the area, and that patient is from other ward separate from the polyclinics. Before that patient passed them, the hospital staff has evacuated them to move into another places and does all the health protocol. But still it caused a bit panic among them. 


How we supposed to feel safe if there some sudden case like this comes out of nowhere. Sigh

I'll go home and will ask more details later. 






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14 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

I think eventually people will get used to it and stop panicking as much. I live in this complex with lots of apartments. so the first case of home quarantine, people were panicking and acting a bit strange. it wasn't even a suspected case but the family had returned from abroad and people were acting like this family was some zombie that would bite them. it turned out the test came back negative. then people realized this is going to be how it is. now, we have a few confirmed cases in the buildings and they are all under quarantine. however, the building association just inform so and so is quarantined but otherwise, things are going on as it is. people are not that afraid now. we are all just tired and waiting for things to go back to normal.

I see we need to get used to this situation and stop panicking. But sometimes things are going out of control. I think aside from doing the health protocol, many people are still less information how to handle things when they meet that kind of situation. It's why their misunderstanding lead them to being sceptic and overly suspicious. 


17 minutes ago, angelangie said:

i think the worst thing i seen is how some neighbors are treating their neighbors who happen to be nurses.....when they came home....they start spraying all those disinfection at them.....as if they are some contagious walking virus!!!

I heard it on the news it happens. I know that people are scared and worried but it doesn't mean they have to lose their humanity. Sigh.



We only can pray, hope all of this will end soon. Hope those scientist find the right vaccine to cure the patients and to put an end of all this. 



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