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Add and Subtract Game

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2 hours ago, stroppyse said:

True. That is a funny scene of them both glaring at their captain, and getting called on it. :lol:

Park Hyung Sik doesn't have any abs? What?? Is he just too skinny? Still, he has a charming smile.

Don't think he does. He's skinny as. Other than charming smile, he has nice eyes and long eye lashes too.


Has anyone found Fight My Way's PSJ abs? If not...




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26 minutes ago, mademoisellesia said:






u belong with meeeeee~~~~


i mean u belong to us subtract & we are still in finding/reaching the silverlining!!!:joy::joy:


comeback after this one reset would u? :please: *soompolitics



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@Lmangla Thanks lmangla! I wonder though...why do you need to know which person is posting? :D

 @wallflowersforjane and @triplem yes pali pali buy the rice cooker badge..then we can still be kbappers without the DP. Triplem...you couldn't be that poor that you're unable to buy rice cooker badge like..right now! What did you use your soompi points for? :scream:


This secret forest 1 is doing my head in.. it's my second rewatch and I already forget most of the stuff. I turned my head away from the screen like for a minute or two a few times and I had to reply those scenes because I couldn't understand stuff -.- I have to watch it with my eyes glued to the screen all the time :skull:


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9 minutes ago, mademoisellesia said:

@bairama Yeah I found it yesterday when Googling for Oppas' abs. Amazing there's someone out there collecting video of kdrama abs. Maybe that person is lurking in here and may be one of the chingus here.

or or.. is that you?????????:mrgreen:

u r resourceful indeed:omg:



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7 minutes ago, snowlou said:

@Lmangla Thanks lmangla! I wonder though...why do you need to know which person is posting? 

hahaha.. so you know who is saying what and then easier to tag and have a conversation. otherwise, when pages fly back so quickly, it is hard to remember.


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34 minutes ago, bairama said:

or or.. is that you?????????

u r resourceful indeed

Hahaha not that resourceful. There are guys in that channel I'm not familiar with. If I must name someone I think prime suspect is @Sushimi coz I see her LSG oppa in there and through her I knew of a guy name Shim Hyung Tak(Tae?) and he's in the channel too. :D *Kidding Sushimi.


Should have found the channel sooner, I could just enter them all in the poll by providing the channel link rather than searching one by one.



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