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Add and Subtract Game

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5 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

Eh this is another slander, did I ask lol...


Partyon work harder, to be in no 1


Sorry babe! Wasn't meant as slander at all! :unsure: I just thought I would save us both some time by asking if he's a tsundere type of guy. We will know faster who he suits. :D


I love ya, you know that, right? :kiss_wink:



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Edit: Someone get @Lawyerh a calculator. She's forgotten how to add! :P



Also, I need a list of who is on each team. ./grumble 

Hard to keep the numbers straight when I can't remember who adds and who subtracts. 

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11 minutes ago, phikyl said:

Edit 2: I need a scared reaction. What is that thing @partyon and how do I stay far, far away from it?!?!


@Hanyeoun Can we please get a scared/shocked reaction button I asked for before? As you notice, there are others who are missing it as well. Pretty please?






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11 minutes ago, im0202 said:

He could just follow the rest of the cast now and pretend that he just accidentally followed the wrong SHB account :lol:

Just a suggestion lol



That's what I will suggest too. But whatever it is, he need to take action quickly, I'm losing my mind already. LOL.



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