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Add and Subtract Game


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@angelangie @triplem
Since we now have the team on the first page, can we also have peoples' nick names there?


For example:


Ms. Koko = @kokodus

Sweet sushi = @Sushimi

Lil sis = @mirmz

Unnie Phi Phi =  @phikyl

Soompi Loan Shark = @triplem

+/- Chaebol = @angelangie


What other nick names do have on this thread? :joy:


Sorry @phikyl , I thought the coffee badge was going to be up this weekend too. I didn't mean to trick you. :kiss_wink:




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@partyon You wouldn't believe it, but I was not very much invested in Andrea's story in the beginning. I was like, "if he wants to become a priest, he should become one....what's with all the fuss?" LOL. Jun wan's character was the one that hooked me to the show. LOL. He is the classic tsundere who is rough outside but a gooey marshmellow inside. Hehehe. 


Anyways it's also good that you decided to stick with the schedule, because then you will be with us longer....LOL. And by the time you finish the show, hopefully news for S2 will start to come out. Eeeeeeeee


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@Lawyerh Weren't you shinbu-nim yesterday :D

Yes, dimples then the actresses can be included in the poll too.

8 hours ago, JC's Lingxi said:


@Lmangla i cant believe you have put lee min ho for abs...he does not even have one pack...let alone six pack... :D

My bad. I put him into the poll, not @Lmangla

There was no criteria for it so I thought, meh, I'll let the others be the judge of it. Who knows there are others who likes to eat chocolate all in one go rather than breaking them up :P  But...but... but... he did have some in CH, just too blurry from that picture.

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@Lawyerh +1 for Are You Human Too.

I also like When the Weather is Good, I'll Go Find You - something like that this super long title.

But I sort of fell for him first in Cheese in the Trap. Totally swept me off with his piano skills


He has been a bit of a hit or miss in his dramas.


Good morning @angelangie



What the... I swore your post appeared before mine just now @Lawyerh

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