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Add and Subtract Game

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8 minutes ago, partyon said:

Out of curiosity, why is a Facebook account required?

 Good question. I see that I can`t log in in Soompi news like I used to do in the past.



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We use FB because we're located in North America and it is easier to discuss with the Soompi News Team and reach out our affiliate partners: Rakuten + Viki.


Twitter is trash for corporate use.

Instagram even more.

Snapchat even worse.

Tik Tok = Social network disguised as a spyware for China data-mining identifiable information.


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4 minutes ago, Sushimi said:


This deserve a party! Now PARTY ONNNN! Yay! We got one!

im excited cause *sob* very hard to get an applicant*sob*

lols :D

You know that I may not get the position because I don't have a FB account and will not set one up again. :D


@Hanyeoun If it is a requirement to have a FB account, I will have to pass on applying for the event organizer position.

All the apps you listed are awful from a security and privacy perspective. I'm not using  them. :D 

Sorry guyz. :cry:



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2 minutes ago, Sushimi said:

Sorry am laughing at this. It feels like you are saying “This is trash. This is even trashier. This is even more trashier.”


“This is the worst trash you can get.”


I agree. They are really awful from both a security and privacy perspective. :D



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I would like to establish Discord exclusively for the forums but that's out of my hands. @Sushimi


The thing is Rakuten + Viki including the Soompi News Team already use FB for years and want to know who is who on their staff. It's more like a security measure and a way to know for us if we can trust you.


So we'll stick indefinitely with that.


Anyways, to be truthful. If you have already used a social network before, you are already done for lmfao.


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3 hours ago, partyon said:

 @DhakraYou can also nominate oppas with the best abs, but wasn't sure if you're really that interested. :D Maybe we could have a separate poll for the best female k-drama abs too?


Hell no! :crazy: 

And no thank you. <_<



2 hours ago, partyon said:

@Dhakra My dongsaeng, why the unamused button for the k-drama poll? :D

Are you sad there's not one with female k-drama abs?

We could organize something like that for you, if you want. :kiss_wink:


Because abs <_< Sigh.....I wish you all would be more ABStinent of abs. 



1 hour ago, mirmz said:

same goes w/ u @Dhakra do ur cats do anything weird/funny?


Mhm, not that I can think of. Johnny works like a clock. He has different moods at different times. He really works like a smooth running clock, the perfect german cat. 


He does like to throw down things....just to see them fall.

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@Alice Wonderland from my last visit to HP main thread, it has become quieter than it used to be... @triplem can take a breath ;)


@snowlou no need to call me miss, I'm even younger than you ㅋㅋㅋ wish you to have a great weekend :)


@wallflowersforjane BoA is included in 1st gen no? Or maybe transition period ? LoL from 1st gen, I like several old songs from g.o.d, fin.kl, Shinhwa for the groups and other soloist songs. Mostly due got influenced from variety show.


@partyon I'll leave the oppa abs nomination to the experts from PAC members club. B) I will just grab some popcorn while peeking at the thread later 



@Lawyerh it's from his fan meeting I guess? You changed your dp to JJS again!



Good evening or morning to everyone





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