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Add and Subtract Game

Add - subtract: The pandemic questionnaire (just for fun)  

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  1. 1. Things I didn't appreciate in 2020:

    • The quarantining
    • The weight gain
    • Social distancing
    • Face masks
    • Fear of covid-19
    • Media mass hysteria
    • No or limited social life
    • Overspending on online shopping
    • Being too much online
    • Zoom / Teams meetings
    • Remote working
    • Having a covid-19 test
    • The boredom
    • Sweatpants
    • Not being able to show all my cute outfits that I had bought in 2019
    • Something else. What?
  2. 2. What did you appreciate in 2020? (choose as many as you like)

    • Limited or no social life (hey, nothing wrong with being an introvert)
    • The sweatpants. The sweatpants were nice.
    • Not having to get up so early in order to commute to work
    • Cooking more at home
    • Cutting your own hair
    • New hobbies you can do at home or socially distancing
    • K-dramas, c-dramas, TW-dramas, JP-dramas, Netflix, crime documentaries on YouTube - you name it, I watched it!
    • Hanging out on Soompi more!
    • Ogling abs and sharing pics of them on Soompi
    • Working out at home
    • Not having to commute
    • Not having to wear make-up and/or a bra every day
    • Getting more sleep than before the pandemic
    • Spending more time with my family
    • Something else. What?
  3. 3. What is the first thing you want to do once the pandemic is over? (choose as many as you like)

    • Travel
    • Not wear sweatpants!
    • Meting my friends and family members
    • Gym / working out outside of my home
    • Go to restaurants and not having to cook at home so much
    • Ditch the facemask!
    • Not having to socially distance everywhere
    • Go to a shopping mall and shop IRL
    • Work in the office
    • Going out for cocktails with your girlfriends
    • Go to the movies/theater/concert/sports game
    • Wear my cute outfits and make-up
    • Not giving "the look" every time someone coughs or sneezes around you
    • Throw a big paty at home - yay!
    • Something else. What?

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5 minutes ago, phikyl said:

 I totally ate unhealthy for like..... one week....

I ate all these months like crazy without even being hungry. It is not good for me to work from home. I have to hit the gym.



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@angelangie thanks for the box..i lost :crybaby:why cant i ever winnnn

@Lawyerh think thats about all iksong you could gather here on this thread. Did you draw that pic yourself?? I'm a bit scared that now you're so into it..coz the next step left is you re leaving the ship HAAHAHAHAHAH

@kokodus hahahaah come along with @wallflowersforjane ...although i also think by 2021 i ll be busy with study and placement :emmm:

Hi @larus ... You are realllllll

@Lawyerh we should have gotten @TRaNz to donate all his points first before letting him know what he can do with those....i thought you had a scammer mind!

@phikyl yup..i figured out it must be you coz i found out he's far from it hahahah


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1 hour ago, wallflowersforjane said:


@superspace Be more accurate! Your oppa's cats. Can't just be any cat. :D

I am the most boring cinema food person - popcorn and only popcorn! 

No boring dear, I love popcorn too! I love mix of salty and sweet popcorn!

But when I need to watch 2 hours long movie, popcorn is surely not enough. Hahaha



Oh yes, I need to be specific. Being Ahjussi's cat please (He is ahjussi not oppa anymore!)






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@TRaNz Most of them already knew these facts anyways. :kiss_wink: I mean, a lot of us have been in this thread for years now. :lol: 


@larus I'm really good at figuring out ways to make things that are super low cal/filling but taste really good too so that helps me a lot. Think high volume, low calorie type stuff. But I have a WICKED sweet tooth. There are some things that if I'm going super hardcore, I just can't have them in the house because I'll eat ALL THE THINGS. Luckily, my favorite dessert is pumpkin pie filling [just the filling] so I can get a can of pumpkin, use some pumpkin spice seasoning and add in a couple tablespoons of the low/zero cal sugar and I'm golden. Super healthy but tastes like you're eating dessert. 




Edit: @TiNaDo Nice! I think I've been the only hardcore gym person in this thread for like 2 years now. Unfortunately, my gym is still closed for another few weeks. They permanently shut down the one right by my house too so even when it opens, it's going to be like starting from day 1 in a new gym again. :lol: 

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1 hour ago, kokodus said:

@superspace I'm crying right now. LOLOL. He is both Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo combined. Hahahahaha. Seriously though, they can edit and release the interview if he accidentally spilled anything, but just give me his interviews, everyone did one except for him. :bawling:


Media to YYS Agency: we would like to interview YYS please!

YYS Agency: What is the topic of interview?

Media: The success of Hospital Playlist and many loves for Ahn Jeongwon.

And YYS:



Even neurosurgeon professor that appears only 1-2 episode get interview already:






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10 minutes ago, snowlou said:


@Lawyerh think thats about all iksong you could gather here on this thread. Did you draw that pic yourself?? I'm a bit scared that now you're so into it..coz the next step left is you re leaving 


wait what did she draw? 


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Just now, kokodus said:

wait what did she draw? 


Kokooooo...just go to IkSong thread HAHAHAHAHA. :joy:Though i dont think she did..i think i saw similar pic..someone attached it here somewhere...cant remember who


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@TiNaDo Quarantine resolutioners. :lol: Do they have any restrictions on how you can get into the gym where you're at? Here it looks like they're doing limited time slot reservations and shutting down overnight. I'm cool with the time slot reservations because at least that means I shouldn't be waiting for a bench/squat rack but the closing overnight thing is going to suck. My typical workout time is between 11pm and 1am. :unsure:




Edit: Aww I got a gift! Thank you @angelangie! My bad luck holds solid online also.... it's empty. :lol:

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@superspace Hahahahah even Prof Min got an interview...... I cant even....If by the end of this month he doent do an interview, i'm writing a letter to KIngkong starship. This is unacceptable.

Do you know when the filming for his movie puppy will get over, i think he will have some time once that is done


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