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Add and Subtract Game

Hospital Playlist re-watch before season 2 starts   

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  1. 1. Would you be interested in participating in a re-watch before season 2 starts? (re-watch kicking off late April / early May)

    • Yes, count me in!
    • Maybe, depends on my schedule
    • No, too busy / Not even if Ms. Koko pays me will I watch it again....

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  • Poll closes on 04/27/2021 at 03:00 PM

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:foodie2: it's raining here..and just realised we dont have raining emoji. 

With the art event..are we allowed to use pic we can find using google search? There wont be any issue with copyright? 

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8 hours ago, kokodus said:

Please tell me you are kidding. LOL. I really don't want to go and humiliate myself with my kindergarten level drawing. LOLOL


I found it hilarious and cute -- so I was actually serious about that YYS drawing. post it to encourage other amateurs!


@bairama ~ you can submit it any time, not just on the final day. this way, you also get people's reaction and get to tweak it if needed. looking forward to seeing what you came up with.


@snowlou ~ I hope so; if any doubt for copyright, use those widely used pics/theme, stock pics where we know it won't be an issue


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I am going to start heading back to the office at one day a week for this month too. First time this afternoon and I am very excited!


I am still primarily working from home for the rest of the year though but it's definitely going to get busier after this summer lull.




@superspace We will summon you back whenever there is content. Which means mark your calendar for every Thursday!





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31 minutes ago, angelangie said:

make sure to come back to us at least once a week or maybe 3 days ONCE!! we demand that hahahaha :D



Yes, Ma'am!! B)


9 minutes ago, wallflowersforjane said:

@superspaceWe will summon you back whenever there is content. Which means mark your calendar for every Thursday!

Aaww, thank you chinggu!




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42 minutes ago, kokodus said:

Me to Shin PD



i'm just going to use this as a meme for everything. LOL. 


this would be a pretty hilarious badge to have if you did some tweaking and gave some photoshop feel. :lol: perfect for fan feels badge! hahahah...


and chingus, do tag me if you have any questions about the event; am not reading every page now as this thread is moving super fast. so I tend to skip pages if I am not having time. plus, today looks like it will be dusting day - it is the beginning of the month which means I need to clean... sigh! am so lazy.



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7 hours ago, Sushimi said:

@partyon FOE got pushed behind yeah?


Nooooooo........ :scream:Flower of Evil is the ONLY k-drama I've been waiting for this year! Dropped Good Casting, Sperm Drama. HP is in the danger zone too. I have high hopes for FOE because it's of a genre I particularly enjoy.


5 hours ago, angelangie said:


doesnt matter u know....im not at any good of it than u..... unless u are talking about photography.....im better there :D


I'm a decent photographer, but I don't need to photoshop my pics usually. :D

Anyway, I have my trusted photoshop friend @im0202 - she will be happy to submit a pic on my behalf, right? :D


4 hours ago, wallflowersforjane said:

 Please rest! HP shouldn't be a chore but a joy. :D Got any fun weekend plans?


I do, thanks for asking! I will go to the amusement park, where my youngster will drag me to every single scary ride. And I'll be like this :scream: at first and then :skull:. And in the end I'll be :rainbow:<---- this me vomiting after a roller coaster ride.

I will also be meeting up with some friends. :wub:


How about you?


2 hours ago, Alice Wonderland said:

Do you still love oppa if he turned like this? :lol:


Open at your own risk!


Yeah, I'm not opening ANY links on this thread anymore! I ain't gonna be rick-roll'd again! :joy:



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3 hours ago, snowlou said:


@thanie i honestly didnt enjoy my prengnancy times apart from I got spoilt by family friends and even random strangers i met on public transport etc. This was because my nausea lasted the whole three trimesters and I suffered from pelvic and back pain due to our body's changes to accomodate the growing bump hahaha. But glad you're loving it! Hahahahha even if it happened during covid...who cares :joy:


@snowlou, I'm sorry about the inconveniences about previous pregnancy, but I do hope you're enjoying motherhood, raising a kid and all that. I don't suffer nausea that much but of acid re-flux .. hahaha 


@Sejabin, of course YOU CAN (get preggy again for BB#2) :heart4: but NOT this time of the pandemic, PLEASE! it's very difficult to get a Doctor's Appointment... and even if you have a scheduled appointment already, that is subject to change without prior notice (depending on the current number of POSITIVE cases the hospital is handling). For my laboratory test, I had to wait for weeks because they can only accommodate few patients (you know, social distancing) :rolleyes:  So many inconveniences nowadays, that is why when I first found out that I was pregnant ... I was slightly SHOCKED! I could only mutter to myself, "what a bad timing for Baby No. 3"  Btw, I transferred to a Maternity clinic ... our hospitals here are swarmed with Covid patients .....


With so many changes here in Soompi, I am now confused what emoji to use .. there's plenty to chose from! 



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