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Add and Subtract Game

Add - subtract: The pandemic questionnaire (just for fun)  

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  1. 1. Things I didn't appreciate in 2020:

    • The quarantining
    • The weight gain
    • Social distancing
    • Face masks
    • Fear of covid-19
    • Media mass hysteria
    • No or limited social life
    • Overspending on online shopping
    • Being too much online
    • Zoom / Teams meetings
    • Remote working
    • Having a covid-19 test
    • The boredom
    • Sweatpants
    • Not being able to show all my cute outfits that I had bought in 2019
    • Something else. What?
  2. 2. What did you appreciate in 2020? (choose as many as you like)

    • Limited or no social life (hey, nothing wrong with being an introvert)
    • The sweatpants. The sweatpants were nice.
    • Not having to get up so early in order to commute to work
    • Cooking more at home
    • Cutting your own hair
    • New hobbies you can do at home or socially distancing
    • K-dramas, c-dramas, TW-dramas, JP-dramas, Netflix, crime documentaries on YouTube - you name it, I watched it!
    • Hanging out on Soompi more!
    • Ogling abs and sharing pics of them on Soompi
    • Working out at home
    • Not having to commute
    • Not having to wear make-up and/or a bra every day
    • Getting more sleep than before the pandemic
    • Spending more time with my family
    • Something else. What?
  3. 3. What is the first thing you want to do once the pandemic is over? (choose as many as you like)

    • Travel
    • Not wear sweatpants!
    • Meting my friends and family members
    • Gym / working out outside of my home
    • Go to restaurants and not having to cook at home so much
    • Ditch the facemask!
    • Not having to socially distance everywhere
    • Go to a shopping mall and shop IRL
    • Work in the office
    • Going out for cocktails with your girlfriends
    • Go to the movies/theater/concert/sports game
    • Wear my cute outfits and make-up
    • Not giving "the look" every time someone coughs or sneezes around you
    • Throw a big paty at home - yay!
    • Something else. What?

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  • Poll closes on 01/25/2021 at 07:00 PM

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56 minutes ago, Sushimi said:

:tears:I am sort of officially drama-less now! :tears:
:tears:What is life...When the show you religiously follow is gonez:tears:

:tears:Watching the sky, listening to the ost your heart hurt even more:tears:

Maybe you can binge-watch The Hippocratic Crush series?



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@triplem I'm going to try to watch 1-2 episodes of one of my dramas I'm behind on tonight. Which one should I start with? My Unfamiliar Family, Sperm Drama or Good Casting? :)  Asking you since you've probably watched all three...



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7 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

@partyon Unfamiliar Family (I haven’t started on GC though)

Thanks @ktcjdrama :kiss_wink: I don't have to work late tonight, so thought I would try to catch up on at least one drama today.

I did start on My Unfamiliar Family on Tuesday and watched about the first 25 minutes of it. It seems intense and I'm interested in seeing how it develops.


Are you planning to watch Flower of Evil?


@mouse007 The person who wins the price for the worst styling ever is J.Y. Park (CEO of J.Y.P.)


*************** CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK *******************







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24 minutes ago, Sushimi said:

You watch Kenneth or HK dramas?:w00t: or are you like an ex-hk watcher? I used to be an avid before I move to Korean dramas..since Kenneth is back, that’s why I went back for him.:lol: Heard he is gonna act as a baddie in the upcoming Line walker 3. Can’t wait haha

I am not an avid HK drama fan but my sister is. That's why I know a lot of HK dramas too, though I didn't watch a lot. I watched Line walker 1 but not 2, coz I didn't like the story settings. I still remember Kenneth being a baddie in Survivor's Law season 1, haha.



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2 minutes ago, JC's Lingxi said:

 186@partyon is it suzy bae's mentor?? Oh my god... :D

Yup! :D


J.Y. Park is supposedly a super nice guy, though. Heard it from someone who knows him personally.

I just hate the pants. :D



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26 minutes ago, partyon said:

@triplem I'm going to try to watch 1-2 episodes of one of my dramas I'm behind on tonight. Which one should I start with? My Unfamiliar Family, Sperm Drama or Good Casting? :)  Asking you since you've probably watched all three...



Unfamiliar Family!!! Watch watch , so good .


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@triplem I am doing good.  Yesterday was my brother's high school graduation.  A virtual one, we did a drive by graduation where a procession of cars drove through the neighborhood.  Many many people showed up along the road to cheer the graduates on with sign, balloons, noise makers, cow bells.  Was really fun and touching.  He enjoyed it more than he realized.  We then have dinner while watching a recorded commencement video.  Instead of a commencement speaker or a valedictorian speech, all the teachers recorded their well wishes for the new grads.  The disappointing part is that we had no valedictorian because the last semester was distant learning pass/no pass grading, guess they feel it is impossible to award that distinction.  But the teachers' video made it one of the best graduation ceremony I have watched.  They thanked the grads for their resiliency and hope they all will be the ones to change this world to a better place for all.


@kokodus @nrllee  I love Hospital Playlist.  Can't wait for Season 2.


BTW, I just started watching HBO The Outsider.  Very good drama series, recommended.



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8 minutes ago, JC's Lingxi said:


@partyon really??? I just saw him performing in one of the award show.... When he saw lee min ho , he stopped performance and shared a brief exchange with him. That time he was dating suzy.


8 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

Hes very hardworking and have a lot of goals. He can starve without food as well. Watched him in Master in The House show. He was a guest. I would say quite unique person. And the JYP building is quite wonderful, eco friendly too. 


I have a friend who worked in the k-pop scene in Korea, and he/she (trying to keep this anonymous) couldn't stop gushing about how great J.Y.P. was and how much J.Y. Park cared about the talents under his agency. All those kids are really hard working and it seems like they have very good characters too compared to the other agencies around.


Of all the acts from J.Y.P. I still like Wonder Girls the best (don't know much about k-pop). I also admire how hard working the guys from 2PM are. :)







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