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@cenching I know what that's like, there's no such thing as sleeping in when you have kids. :wink:



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518 :blush:


@packmule3 mmmm.. can I ask.. are you oppa or noona? Or mama?  :relieved:

 btw.. Supergal99 is as old as the stone era (sorry my Supergal99 baby. I still love you to the moon and back :wub:)  and she was very active in abs events!! It’s just she added white towel to my half naked adam levine pict there. :kiss: There’s no limit in doing what we like right? My oppa friend is almost 50 but he is the big fan of kpop girlband :no_mouth: ck ck ck ck ck.. also. Kim Hee Sun was so old when she acted with LMH in Faith drama and we all love it :love: yesterday I also beg to my big boss, our head office boss he is 52 and I called him ‘uncle’ like this “huuuuu uuuuuu uuuuuu :bawling: “ btw I am almost 35 (in 10 months I will be) :heart:


the point is.. if a 50 soon to be oppa can be a kpop girlband fanboyish or a oldish supergal99 can be very active in abs event then why there must be a limitation to any girl and woman in doing aegyo? We want justice!! We want to do things we’ve like as long as we do not hurt anyone :bawling: Long live feminism!! :heart:


N.B. I think this is my progesterone effects. Usually I am not like this :kiss_closed:

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@Sejabin i think no age limitation

for shipping any oppa... even ship some

cute dongsaeng for my case :phew: hahaha...


Just well im not doing this in public though lol. Thats why we're here in soompi i guess :lol:


P.s kim hee sun in faith is indeed still so pretty 

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1 hour ago, Lawyerh said:


I think last night soompi forum hang? I was about replying @triplem and then just went blank. 


My genre romcom/investigation dear. Normally not into makjang drama. But if the guy handsome i can negotiate LOL. :lol:


WWWSK youre right the story is weak and its also sooo sugary haha. I think @cenching will die from diabetes. Hahaha.:sweatingbullets:


Im waiting for Secret Forest but its only on end Dec 2019 :tears:

Yep it did . But came back . SF 2 !   Oh yeah! Can’t wait @staygold @bedifferent @stroppyse



Ooo can’t wait to see my oppa Lee joon Hyuk as a smarmy prosecutor again :mrgreen: . And of course Shi Mok !!!! I have so many gifs of him 



omg ...can’t wait for this 


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