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17 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

@triplem I still don’t get the signature thing, what’s that?



Go to your account settings ( make sure you are using PC, does not work on  mobile. Look for a signature button ( with a pen ) under "Overview" . Click on it and you can put stuff there (with restrictions of course) . It's an extra space under your post for your to personalise - you can put quotes, pictures / images up to 6 lines. Of course keep them small. Save it and you can see other's signature as well as yours.


Can you see what's under my post ...that's the signature




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XeN1Zc.jpg  Goodbye My Princess...d8976765227c49268e3bbc411780ccf3.jpg?x=b  -2


Happy Friday have a great and safe weekend everyone:heart:

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7 hours ago, staygold said:


Item is the kind of drama that gives the writer enough space to play (or mess up) and escape. In the end the viewers (in case of a bad ending) have themselves to blame! Even with a good ending, the whole process will be meh! I hope I am wrong abt this one but for now I am watching only for the two men! I have bought a gadget like this to watch the drama cos it is so poorly lit. Edit: Doesn't help! :ph34r:


  Reveal hidden contents





Btw @angelangie @Lmangla @kokodus and my fellow admirers of puppy love fluff check Sweet Revenge (2017) and die with me bcos it is extra sweet! Only 11 eps of 30 mins each. 


@Lmangla Well intended love is a Contract marriage genre. 6 eps subbed so far. Otp is pleasing and has good chemi. Hero is God's gift to us! 



What do you mean? I have to choose my own ending?  Like these books but in drama version?? 



Related image


What fresh misery is this? :crazy: :D





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