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Add and Subtract Game


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4 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

Btw have u ask for tax rebate? U bought panda at 5k right? They now only half price. You should try DM Mr. Playboy. 





No I bought it just after it went on sale!! Hehehe



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4 minutes ago, triplem said:

Yes @wallflowersforjane @im0202 sellsword aptly describes them. I had to google to make sure it wasn't a millennial slang that I am really bad at :lol:

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A sellsword is a soldier who hires out his services to the highest bidder.



Just Game of Thrones things. Hahahaha! You can hire entire armies of sellswords. Lol.


178 (if @Lawyerh is subtracting. But like also got plus. So I am confused.)


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the heck happened to the numbers...LMFAO


174 ( going from here coz i cant figure out whos on what team coz ppl decide to add one page and then subtract on another and then another bunch dont go back and check after they post with a page refresh and then u get mixed numbers )

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