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Add and Subtract Game

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Thank you @jeijei for the Team Subtract Counter Attack #2 !


Sorry to everyone else on this thread who has had to endure our gifs. I think we got a bit carried away.... :blush::joy:


We did subtract over 100 points though. :joy:



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4 minutes ago, mouse007 said:

@partyon I'm in Canada so it's afternoon here. Where are you?


That explains it. :) 


@jeijei Buenas noches! You should do a post with 700 before you fall asleep.


I'm in Europe, and should be in bed already.... But I'm curious to see if we can get this thread down to 700 before I fall asleep. :D


I guess I'm a bit competitive.... :D




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I am too!


It used to be more of an even playing field but some people dropped off so team Add had become the majority. I've always been and will remain Team Sub.



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8 minutes ago, mouse007 said:

I am too!


I've noticed lately that a lot of the people on Team Subtract are a bit on the competitive side! :D I guess it's because our losing streak has been going on for such a long time, that we're ready for revenge! :D hehe


@mouse007 I switched sides to Team Subtract because I felt kind of bored that Team Add was always winning. Even though this is not about the game, I still felt that a little bit of healthy competitiveness could be fun on this thread. ;) 

Also, I do love a challenge! :D


So far, I've felt very welcome by my new team - one that is significantly smaller than Team Add. Thank you for letting me become a part of your team! :)




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