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am I the only one who feels that I lost my desire to continue watching eternal love after I found out she will be with Ye Hua? :sweatingbullets: I like Mo Yuan better. I think I will drop Eternal Love now. I like Ashes of Love better. I mean no one change the male lead since the beginning. even though the actor who play Ye Hua and Mo Yuan is a same person but it's different character :no_mouth: I watch it because I like Mo yuan from the start. his stability and calmness. and they make him die for sometimes. and in the middle of the show they change it to Ye Hua with his aggressive personality with his long hair :expressionless: I feel like.. wth :bawling: I don't understand why must they create Mo Yuan then.. ASHES OF LOVE IS THE BEST :heart: I will watch something western to console my heart :tears:

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