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Add and Subtract Game


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2 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

with simple math if I spend my money on "Friends of Soompi" for 3 months and earn interest of 5 %  WILL I GET  enough money

to spend it on my  gambling


For 500 points I'll be happy to advice you on the most suitable investment plan for you. :joy:



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5 minutes ago, angelangie said:


reputation points my dear.....all this goes to your reputation


Oh, so which reactions generate reputation points then?

I think the reaction buttons are nice to use to show how one feels about the topic discussed - if it's a sad subject a sad face is appropriate. I think it's a shame that not all reaction buttons are counted... Why is it like that?


Don't give me a sad or shocked reaction button people :D



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6 minutes ago, partyon said:

It's Thursday and it's time for ep 3.

It's make it or break it day. :D

Hope it’s ‘make it’ lol. 

But no pressure if it’s really not to your liking! :heart1:


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1 minute ago, partyon said:


Thanks sweetie!  You really are a kind soul. MUAH :kiss_wink:




I’m just speaking from experience because it’s pressurising to keep being asked to watch a drama you’re not really feeling:D

Last time I did this for DOTS, a close friend of mine kept requesting for me to watch it as she was totally crazy over the drama... I did finish it in the end (it took me a long time), but I still didn’t like it:ph34r: But thankfully we’re still friends :joy:



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