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Add and Subtract Game

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35 minutes ago, 000231846597 said:

And you can edit your profile -> Member Title now! Your post amount already surpassed me


Oh yeah! I just realised. B)


29 minutes ago, partyon said:

We would be grateful if anyone from Team Add would like to join our team to even it out. Someone said that they were thinking of switching sides after Team Add won (can't remember who it was).


Heh, I believe that was me! Don't worry, competitive instincts have been quenched. I am back to normal now!







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11 minutes ago, partyon said:

@kokodus Scrolling backwards on the thread.

How did you have time to post pictures of your oppa while the fiercest Add/Subtract battle was going on?





Maybe that's why we lost? Lmao. Soompi always stopped me from posting consequently within limited time interval so I went and searched for oppa photos in the mean time. Lol. Time management. 


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13 minutes ago, partyon said:

Yes, thanks for correcting it for me :kiss_wink:


@TiNaDo Any famous people from Bulgaria?



Several, but nowadays the most famous are probably two - Nina Dobrev & the tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. :D 



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19 minutes ago, wallflowersforjane said:

Heh, I believe that was me! Don't worry, competitive instincts have been quenched. I am back to normal now!



Will you now join Team Subtract like you promised ?





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5 minutes ago, mirmz said:

yeah cuz we americans and europeans are lonely :"(


Calling out to all k-drama fans in Europe, Africa, North America and South America!

Please join us!

Especially if you're Team Subtract :joy:





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8 minutes ago, partyon said:

So lil sis @mirmz , what should we discuss? :joy:

I biked today, how about you? Tomorrow I'm going swimming!



i think i might go for a bike ride today idk


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1 hour ago, partyon said:


So the town Vlad was born in, is called Sighișoara, which is in the middle of Romania (Transylvania to be exact).

To my knowledge Vlad Tepes is considered Romanian. At least that's the impression I got when visiting Transylvania - which is by the way a SPECTACULAR area of Europe!


@larus maybe you know more about the history of "Dracula"? Maybe you can tell us?




Vlad was Romanian. He was born in Transylvania (but it is not sure) but he ruled/reigned in Wallachia, another Romanian province. His life story is fascinating. 

Sorry to dissapoint but Dracula doesn`t have a link with the hystorical figure other than Bram Stoker`s imagination and we don`t even know for sure that. People made a link with Vlad because of his cruelty to punish the enemies and because of his name. The turists visit the so-called "Dracula`s Castle" (Bran Castle) but Vlad never lived there. :D There is a hystorian/author who mentioned that perhaps he was imprisoned there (Bran castle) two months before he was locked in the Visegrad fortress (Hungary) but not sure if he has found documents or it is his suposition. 


More imformation for who is interested here. https://io9.gizmodo.com/no-bram-stoker-did-not-model-dracula-on-vlad-the-impal-1648969679



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