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btw happy birthday to our Februaries :wub::wub: @kokodus @sushilicious @Lmangla wish you all luck for all the year:heart:


Back from my cave as I'm trying to back vidding, my third try but sources not good (any advice where I can get good sources of raw vid?) should be set in 720p and still will be.. Yashhh but I hope you guys check it on my YT and give it a like it will be soooo niceeee:joy: 

Memories of Alhambra:innocent: cc to MoA watchers on this thread: @staygold @stargazer187 @stroppyse and kokodus



Add: so you guys are talking about coffee friends.. About that villain drama guy, what the drama he has before?



before going back to school.. Heheheh~

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Just discovered there is a sixth season of my favorite variety show "I Can See Your Voice" currently airing. :D Each week is saved for now and I have three episodes to watch. Woohoo!


But now is SuperBowl Time! 

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6 hours ago, triplem said:

@stroppyse Rebel . I wish I had started earlier . Just finished eps 2 - I cried my eyes out . Oppa & YKS have not even appeared but the Father’s love for his family touched me  & Gil Dong’s childhood was so tragic & sad . I know why now Kim Sang Joong won the MBC Daesang . 


I know! Right?


While it was broadcasting, I really wanted to watch it, but the first 4 episodes were sooo painful with how the slave family was being treated, that I couldn't watch. But, later on, when I was watching after the broadcast, I wished that I had watched it during broadcast because it was so spazzworthy!


I adore Kim Sang Joong. He is definitely an interesting and intense actor. He played my fave character in City Hunter, and that wasn't easy because I watched CH for Lee Min Woo at the time, but got won over by KSJ's complex character instead. :D


And, YKS's character in Rebel has such a growth arc. So good! I was even a bit surprised with the romance arcs in it, but I won't discuss it until you've watched it more. :D



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