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I’m lying alone with my head on the phoneeeee

thinking of you ‘till it hurtssssssss

I know you hurt too but what else can we dooooooo

tormented and torn apartttttttttt

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5 hours ago, Lmangla said:

:warning: Warning emo: dont watch sad end dramas.

:neutral: Flat emo(?): dramas that only so-so/half heart when watching (dont care how it ends) maybe? Or its the worst drama that not worth to watch even for whole one ep? (used to kept watching, dont know why).


@sushilicious @Dhakra ~ you two seem like the sad dramas type. does mother, children of nobody etc -- should they have warning that it is potentially sad or emotionally difficult for viewers to watch? other dramas to include there?


:warning: Overall sad or just the ending? Mother is very difficult to watch, especially if you are a mother yourself I guess. Although the drama has a rather quiet tone and doesn't rush anything, you feel never at ease or comfortable. You are so emotionally involved that you can never just "enjoy" the drama. Mother will be always in your mind. You have to consider that you look it through the eyes of a normal, typical woman. The police, the whole world is the enemy here, you have to hide from everything, even your own family. 


:warning: CoN is more crime and has a typical case-based touch, since you are watching it through the eyes of cops, the scenes are cases that are still horrible, but I had the feeling that you could watch it without being nervous on your chair all time time. I would still consider it not easy to watch, but it's more bearable than "Mother".


:warning: Another drama I would like to mention here in the "hard to watch sad drama" is "Save Me". I have never seen something so disturbing and sometimes painful. I have never felt so sorry for a girl and so disgusted by a lead. The way they talk, treat or deal with the female lead is pure horror. These whole sexual abuse threat throughout the whole drama is so hard to endure. @triplemYou agree? 


:neutral:I have a ton of dramas I would like to mention here *coughStrongwomancough* but as much as it hurts me to say, I have to mention Manhole here. It was so good during the first half, although many people didn't like it, from a mans pov it had so much truth and problems I could relate with. One of the episodes is still one of my favorites, but the second half was so goddamn bad, I mean. SO GODDAMN bad! ALIENS! A-L-I-E-N-S! The whole plot at the end! So many things I could mention here that destroyed the end. 



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