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1 hour ago, cenching said:

Not feeling well...:bawling: Got some hives and headache plus slightly fever from sunlight over exposure...I have photosensitive and photophobia btw...:bawling:  See you all in few days....






get well soon my dear 

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On 1/31/2019 at 11:06 PM, triplem said:

@bedifferent  London - Try to Stay in zone 1 or 2. Or anywhere on the Tubes red or blue ( dark & light ) lines . I prefer the north of or central London . 

If convenience is what you are looking for I suppose hotels around King’s cross / St pancras train station . I liked these areas ; marylebone / Baker Street ( this  has many tube  lines ) as well as Holborn/ Covent Garden . @stroppyse lived in the UK if I remember correctly , So May provide more insights.  


Sorry. Work has been very busy, and I've been too buried to check in very much in the last couple of days.


Stay Zone 1 since with 4 days you're probably going to want to stay more central.  King's Cross can be a little dodgy, but it's been upscaling recently, especially since the Heathrow Express extended to St. Pancras. Btw, King's Cross and St. Pancras stations are basically connected, though each station serves a slightly different selection of Tube lines and train departures.


Btw, it's better to take the Heathrow Express into Central London since it's much faster and less crowded, if you get into Heathrow during its operating hours, even though the tickets are more expensive. Also, since it's an overground train versus the Tube which goes underground as it hits London, you do get to see a bit more. This assumes that you are flying into Heathrow. If you're flying into Gatwick (or other airport), the transportation options totally change.


On 1/31/2019 at 11:13 PM, bedifferent said:

@triplem @stroppyse Kensington, Covent Garden, SoHo?  Thanks MMM


Looking at this




After that, it’s London to Lisbon, Sintra, Porto and Sevilla 18 days





More about London trip and suggestions



Kensington, Covent Garden, and Soho are all nice areas. Covent Garden and Soho are a short walk away from each other in Central London. From there, you're going to be walking around a good bit, probably even more than taking the Tube since you can walk to South Bank, Piccadilly, Trafalgar Square. Pretty much every Tube line is going to be a short walk away, so you can't go wrong being in this area. Just watch out for pickpockets, as in any major, crowded city.


Kensington is a bit farther away from the other two as you've probably seen on the map, but is still pretty central. So, Kensington is to the west of Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens, and you're probably going to want to take the Tube (or a Black Cab) around more than just walking. However, Ken is a very cute neighborhood also with tons of bistros and boutiques. Plus, it's close to Museum Row, including the Victoria and Albert which specializes in style and design.l And, taking the Tube around is not onerous.


If you do stay in Ken, though, you may just want to take the Tube from the Heathrow to West Kensington Station rather than the Heathrow Express since the airport line goes right by West Ken. If you stay in Covent Garden or Soho, you may still want to take the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station and then hop on the Tube from there to get to CG or Soho.


Wherever you stay, you should definitely get over to Hyde Park, and make your way to Speaker's Corner. Anyone can stand there and start spouting off about whatever they want, and frequently do. It can be a pretty interesting site, even if they're talking a load of nonsense.


The reservation link has timed out, btw, so not sure if you've already booked. Whatever you've booked, however, just be reassured that almost everything in London is relatively close. You should be able to see a lot of London in 4 days, as long as you're not shoehorning a side trip to Ireland during it. :)


Another neighborhood you might want to consider if you haven't already booked is Bloomsbury which has a number of independent, boutique hotels as well as chain places. It is not necessarily a neighborhood that is well known by name to a lot of tourists, so is less expensive than the better known neighborhoods. However, it's near St. Pancras Station, The British Museum (if you're a history buff, this really shouldn't be missed), is serviced by a number of Tube stops, and has a number of book antiquarian book stores, if you're into things like that.  It's still considered Central London (so zone 1), but is more north-eastern quad whereas Soho/Covent Garden is smack in the center, and Kensington is considered more western. Again, Bloomsbury is convenient if you come in to Heathrow and want to take the Heathrow Express to St. Pancras Station. It's less convenient if you get into London by other means. :)


My apologies, but I feel as if I'm giving advice a bit blindly since not sure what your budget for the trip is nor really what your interests are, so hope this is somewhat helpful. London is an amazing city with a lot of things going on and lots to do, so you really can't go wrong, it's just the type of experience that you are hoping to have. Have fun, and let me know if I can spout off on anything more about London, useful or not. :D




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