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57 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

yea, you should see the feel in drama threads when it can get heated... for me, what's confusing is when I am not sure what on earth the argument is even about...:sweatingbullets:


Oh tell me about it . Especially shipping wars !!


ED  -


WAH they are seriously pitying LH. Blaming it on a medical condition. I don’t buy it . They want WB killed off & SN to be with a psycho. Seriously. Ppl have poor sense of judgment 


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@triplem ~ shipping wars are insane! :sweatingbullets: .... but so is the bloodshed on dramas with affairs. for some reasons, people emotions get super heated and it can be a challenge maintaining peace.. but have also seen threads which get heated but then turn it around into these beautiful fruitful discussions which become far more richer than the drama itself. it all depends on the folks and how willing they are to listen to each other...


as for ED


that diagnosis from some viewers was quite mind spinning...


but think it all depends on whether you believe that someone's background or mental issues is a reason to excuse their behaviour. if you believe that everyone is capable of some violence regardless of where they come from and so it really depends on ourselves to hold back from that kind of sinful behaviour, then the mental issues / background card holds no water...

but if you believe that background and mental issues excuses criminal behaviour, then you will see lee hyuk as pitiable and not really responsible..


so it comes down to 2 very different world views and that has broader implications like how we view justice system and punishment etc.. so yea, bigger debates that would take away the fun of watching a makjang drama. so not stepping into those waters! hahahha....



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I always tend to think of a possible sequel for the dramas I really love...Imagine...




Moo Tae Gu died, ( I love his legacy.)Imagine his long lost brother comes back and get revenge(As the new killer)? (Haha that would be cool.) Then Jang Hyuk comes back:lol: eee I just love Voice 1 so much :) 



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45 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

@Dhakra what would your reaction be, if they ever make a Radiant Office 2? (Just asking.)


It depends if they have the original cast. I'm always careful qith sequels since they aren't as good as the original most of the time. But if they manage to get all roles on board, I would look forward to it. 

Radiant Office had a lot of pretty girls I like to see again. Honeycakes....Ji Na....that single mom office manager lady


10 hours ago, sushilicious said:

watching @Dhakra and @kokodus talking about angry comment makes me sweat and a little nervous:sweatingbullets: guys, don’t start a war on each other okay :) (I love how the war is like reacting using angry reactions)


:huh: Do you know what she is talking about sis? @kokodus Why would you sweat?  That's how we talk to each other. If I would be nice to her, she would think I have a terminal illness or have something evil in mind.

Some people show affection by saying they like each other, if we want to show that, we don't aim for the head while throwing a pillow. 


See @triplem knows.



11 hours ago, phikyl said:

You and me both! I will never understand the people that enjoy cardio. I still get mine in but it's easily my least favorite day of the week. Plus my work has me running around all day so that counts as cardio right? :P


It's more fitbit with *some* smartwatch capabilities. The focus is still geared towards workouts though it is nice at work to be able to read/respond to texts via the watch when I can't get to the phone immediately. 


As for your ex selling your dad's watch, that is rude as heck. What is wrong with her?!


OH MY GOD YES! Everytime I meet someone who says "I like cardio" I look at her like.......What? :huh: You serious? What can you like about it? It's a nuisance that has to be done. You either run in circles, run on the spot or run without having a destination. 


Mhm, I pretty much learned how to text back while running. All about keeping the balance and keep the texts short. Well also depends whom I answering, if it's a male friend I just tell him I have no time and will answer him....maybe. 


Well, my luck in finding the goodies is legendary. She was crazy, like writing down my mileage in a handbook crazy. When we broke up and I drove home, I noticed that I forget the watch at her place, so I asked if she could sent it to me, but she said if I want it back, I have to pay her 200€, otherwise she would throw it away or sell it herself. She knew the watch had a sentimental worth for me, since I couldn't pay immediately, she sold the watch. 


I'm really good at finding girls! 

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