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@ebullient @angelangie My childhood too~ I watched it every sunday :) 





Look at me you may think you seeeee
Who I really am but you'll never know mee
Every day it's as if I play a parttt
Now I see if I wear a mask
I can fool the world but I cannot fool my heart



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7 hours ago, Dhakra said:

I would rate it 9 out of 10. You said it was like 'Mother' and compared it to be as good as Signal or Tunnel.

It is indeed very good, but I would not go that far. 


I really do want to have kids aswell I guess, show them love and treat them well.



@staygold  Ohhh, I really did think you would identify with JiHeon.  What he said at the end, I'm so glad you said it.  Children is hard work, lots of sacrifices and responsibilities but ohhh, they bring so much joy!!!  I'm so glad the drama touched you this way. :)


Yeah, Ji Heon is very likable, a competent cop with the right instincts.  Not without fault, fair with a strong conviction.  I like how he balances his emotions, logics with empathy.  A great character, rare in dramas.


9 of 10 is exactly what I wouldate it, mostly for the reasons it was not as polished as Signal/Tunnel/Secret Forest. Agree with you @staygold , the cast and PD were not as high profile nor did the station spent money to create buzz.  Although Kim Sun Ah did a marvelous job, it needed a more popular and seasoned actor to give it more weight.  Remember this is a MBC show, surprisingly, even if not on par in production quality as OCN/tVN is still a very good effort by all involved.  It deserves a lot of accolade in script writing, given the complexity of the story, a murder crime mystery that intersects Woo Kyung's own personal mystery.  It is not perfect; a few more episodes are needed.  What it did manage to tell, it did well. The structure of the story is quite original and it excelled in bringing a much needed spotlight on child abuse.  Personally, CoN is a great marriage, bringing together 2 different genres: mystery thriller and social commentary.  Its subject was very irrelevant, this is where it edged out Secret Forest for me.  I love Mother but the drama itself is smaller in scope than CoN.  That story was about one little girl's journey where as CoN took on more than one facet of the abuse, looking from many angles including the victims, parents, abusers, and law.  What I also love love about CoN is that it doesn't offer easy solutions, root for a clear villain or hero .  It places the characters in crossroads, the dilemma that would confuse even us in real life.  Life is hard.  It's a struggle, yet we chose to push forward and learn to live with mistakes and hope for change.  We choose forgiveness over retribution and hate.  The world is not black and white, good guys don't always win or bad guys always lose.  :D


Don't read the below, spoiler CoN



Eunho is a both a tragic figure and lost one at once.  Still, that does not alleviate his crimes.  His brother Dr. Yoon didn't get a lot of screentime.  He needed an episode of his own to tell us more about his past and why it made him who he is.  

I totally love the meaning behind Red Moon Blue Sun, the switching of places for the stories.  I am one who found the ending of Woo Kyung's story poignant yet so realistic.  Like it.


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1 hour ago, ebullient said:



@lynne22 No worries! We are in the same age group, but I still adore Doraemon! <3


1 hour ago, angelangie said:



Doraemon....lols.....i grew up with this :) 


1 hour ago, sushilicious said:

@ebullient @angelangie My childhood too~ I watched it every sunday :) 


Me too...... I love Doraemon.... :D

Never miss it every Sunday at 08.00 in the morninggg when I was a kid... :D 


Anyway... @sushilicious and @phikyl Count me in to watch Kingdom with you guysss... :lol:




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+2 :wub:




is that girl I seeeeeee?

starring straight back at meeeeee

when will my reflection showwwwww

who I am insideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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@phikyl @Dhakra  ehhhmmmm, I plank to 1:30 to start, don’t think I have ever passed 3min.  Ohhhh you guys are gym rats.  I yoga :lol: used to run, knee won’t cooperate.


@Dhakra do you have a fitbit or some device to target your HR to?



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496 :wub:



Could I hold you for a lifetime?

Could I look into your eyes?

Could I have this night to share this night together?

Could I hold you close beside me?

Could I hold you for all time?

Could I, Could I have this kiss forever?


sya la la la la la :relieved:


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