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@sushiliciousGood morning baby sis. Okay, Heavy Rain is my 2nd choice of most interesting and visual gaming experience.

I saw the new Blackpink Bongo Cat vid yesterday already. I love amount of details they put in, especially their totally weird looking light stick during the concert part.


@triplemI don't know yet, just half through the drama. Will report to you once I'm finished.


@bedifferentDo you think so? So far it is an easy watch for, but I just finished the first half. I wouldn't also call it emotionally demanding. I thought Mother was more emotional and a harder watch. BUT CoN asks way more interesting questions and analyzes very different aspects of the same issue. Pretty much in every episode you are confronted with moral questions and question the law, blurring the line between crime and punishment. 

Since CoN deals with just than one case, it is really addicting to watch and interesting. That's the reason I would call it an easy watch, because it's interesting in its way to ask question and confront you with morally questionable decisions. Especially as you see, that most of the character act the same. 

I think Mother was more emotionally, since it was just one case and Mother could focus more detailed onto one kid and her suffering. 


Nevertheless, extremely good drama.


I hope that Soo Youngs story will be more analyzed and that she and the male cop become a good team and understand each other. I don't necessarily need a love story in crime dramas, but I still wish they get close, on a professional level.

She is really my favourite! Not only because of her beauty. :D 


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+2 :relieved:


I wanna call the stars down from the skyyyyyyyy

I wanna live the day ‘till never dieeeeeeeee

I wanna change the world only for youuuuuuu

all the impossible I wanna dooooooooo

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*cough* as I continue...Omg, this is the first, He is so handsome! I want to get the magazine so badly but *sighhhh* got to keep the money in my pocket. 




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