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12 hours ago, lynne22 said:


Anyway... this is an interesting article.... lol.. Not sure I agree with the writer.. but still interesting...




@lynne22 I would have to agree with the article! I love all the references to TMoPB and Ashes. :blush: I had to laugh at the parts that said the male lead has to always be in peak physical shape and it referenced Min Hyuk from SWDBS and Xiao Nai from Love020 who are both supposedly computer geeks but can still play sports well and beat people up. Also laughed at the part about having knowledge of the household like cooking and taking care of children and it referenced Yehua. LOLOL


@Sejabin @sushilicious you should try watching Top Star Yoo Baek, every episode they were cooking and eating what looked like delicious seafood. I was always hungry watching it.


4 hours ago, sushilicious said:



@Lmangla @triplem did the both of you watch Another Miss Oh? Is it really sad? Or something?


@sushilicious it's a rom com so it's not sad. It was just okay for me. Nothing special.


4 hours ago, bairama said:

reachin' YouTube viewers and likes are hard:persevere:


Sorry sister above the clouds..:cold_sweat:




@bairama yeah, getting viewers interested is definitely hard. Don't worry, you are trying your best. Just keep at it!


And wow! this thread sure is busy and moving fast today!




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