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Wait! @TRaNz came by to add a post?!?!?!  I thought he had slipped into the stuff of legends by now. Though, I have to say that I can't pass a McDonald's any more without remembering his tales of gluttonfests. :lol:



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10 hours ago, stroppyse said:

Had to think about this a bit, but I have to concur. A lot of kdramas do seem to present noona romances as the women having failed at successfully dating someone more appropriate. Though...

meant to add a PS but then forgot as I was sleepy... @stroppyse ~ it is weird but the kdramas that are billed as noona romances (rom-coms) and aired during the week generally have this issue... whereas, weekend dramas where one of the couples might be a noona romance often has a realistic non-icky natural approach. they happened to meet naturally and like each other. the age difference is even played for laughs. like in the drama "laurel tree tailors", he hilariously finds out that she is actually about 2 years older than him but has been calling him "oppa". when he is like "what????", his friends are like "ummm, you are both in your 40s and you have other things to worry about like whether her adult daughter (in early 20s) will accept you and whether the in-laws will accept you as you have no job, no regular income and no family (parents/sibling) to support you...." and she continues to call him oppa even after they get married and they both know he is younger than her. hahahahah!


and the other tracks -- her adult daughter accepting him and he finding himself (was a forgotten rock singer) and becoming successful as a trot singer was actually far more moving. it didn't even feel like a noona romance.



4 hours ago, triplem said:
9 hours ago, Dhakra said:

you date an older woman as a guy, then you have to prevent making her feel that she is your mother. Guys normally have a very special relationship towards their mother and you don't want your "girlfriend" having the feeling that she just has a younger son instead of a grown up man aka boyfriend. Both visually and in regards of behavior.

So you have to be extra careful with everything, which puts a lot of strains towards the relationship. As soon as she begins to doubt that you are her boyfriend, things can go bad. 

And that was my main problem during ICHYV, whenever they were next to each other, it looked like a mom was next to her teenage son. They never felt couple-ish. Oh @triplem you remember m

For this drama it’s not the age difference that made me uncomfortable. It’s the fact he was still in school / or just fresh out of it & she was way ahead in life experience. It’s the fact that they were in completely different stations  in life that made it awkward. If we add say 5 or more years to both their ages, ( both working ) the relationship would be a lot more easier to accept for me .

spot on @Dhakra; have you seen high school savvy with seo in gook? had dropped the drama after the first few episodes but just checked out the ending and it was AWFUL....okay, so he is in high school and just barely 19 and she is 29 (don't ask why on earth they are supposed to have the same maturity level) and even though others warn them that basically she will end up being his mom, they get married and that is exactly what happens! worst possible ending.


@triplem ~ definitely; when they are in the same stages of life, it works but at different stages, difficult... something that was realistic was ojakgyo brothers. so she is maybe early 40s? late 30s? and he is like in his 20s? (just finished service). she just got divorced after a long marriage (no kids though) and feels adrift while he has no idea what he wants out of life. so basically a mutual feeling of lost is what bonds them and there is a romance. but then due to marriage, she sort of becomes his aunt-in-law? or something?


so with the opposition, they are almost tempted to run off and marry. but then they realize that it is not what either wants because they are at different stages in life. he is not ready to settle down and wants to figure out his professional life and what he is good at. she doesn't want to jump into another marriage and wants to have the confidence to live by herself and basically be comfortable. so they mutually break up wishing each other well.. 6 months later, he is working somewhere while she is slowly getting to know a fellow divorcee (similar age)....



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@stroppyse HAHAHAHA, anytime is always good for Maccas....speaking of whichhhh..........i just had Maccas for lunch before. HAHAHAHA. usual weekend treat. ahahahah

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Aaaarrrrgggghhh!!!! :love: Precious Sword is sooooooo cute!!!! :love: Aaaaaaarrrrggghhh!!! THAT smile!!!!! :heart: Aaaaaarrrgghhhh!!!! That stares!!! :heart:







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