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9 minutes ago, staygold said:


Guess the writer!!! Bingo! Kim Eun Suk! :P



hahahaha that is totally her.....did you watch Gentleman's Dignity? Was it good?


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140 :blush:


I am watching the last woman standing now.. I think Shu Qi is the prettiest and sexiest actress in Mandarin dramaland. Mandarin or Hongkong? The point is She is my #1 favorite actress there!! Xixixixixi I was the fan of Cecilia Chung 15 years ago but she became so different then I don’t like her anymore. But I will always love Nicholas Tse (He is a virgo) .. 


@sushilicious sushi if you do that pose. Really really really really do that pose in front of me. I will surely definitely tickle your butt. Wkwkwkw :relieved:

Edited by Sejabin
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@Sejabin then i will topple over with a bang. Hahahaha i am super tired after the session. It was a good one.


Once again. I'm being shown Cafe Damun's The guest director's cut on sale and a contest...sigh...it hurts. Ahhhh. 



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10 hours ago, mouse007 said:

@Dhakra what happened to your phone? Do you have a hard time sleeping without the aid of calming sounds? 


As you may remember, I got a new phone recently, but something was very wrong with it. I received (push) notifications from calls, messages either really late or not at all. Which is quite frustrating if you wait for important messages or have to negotiate. So I had to sent it back a few days back and bought a new one. But that one was just a pain to use, I didn't like it at all.

So I also sent it back to get another one, back so Samsung this time, I learned my lesson. I should have sticked it with from the start.

But fancy me wanted to try out Huawei...


@stroppyseGood morning Honey :joy: Babe is awake. 

Oh don't get me started about french people, french are very special. But germans are perfect aswell to have a fun time with. :D About time you visit Germany again.



10 hours ago, sushilicious said:

@Dhakra Weird laws part 2.


  • Being Naked in your own house is illegal, because it’s counted as a disturbance to people and or pornographic. 
    Really? In Germany it is allowed be naked in your home AND your car. Yes, you can drive around naked in your car without being punished. In Germany your car counts as part of your home and that you can do in it whatever you want. (As long as its not illegal). Only being naked in public is illegal, but in your car, totally fine. 
  • Drinking Alcohol from 1030 PM to 7 AM is illegal. In Germany drinking alkohol is allowed around the clock. No surprise, eh?
  •  You will be sentenced to hang, if you bring even a little tiny amount of drugs to singapore. I like it.
  • Drawing graffiti can get you 3 strokes of canes That's also not allowed here, but you just have to pay a fine.
  • Smoking is illegal almost every where now Smoking is allowed here only in public or special marked areas. If you throw away your cigarette on the ground you are also fined if caught. 
  • Apparently if you are caught not flushing after use. Fine 500 BEST LAW EVER! I would even expand it, if you don't wash your hands afterwards. 
  • Suicide is illegal Lol. What's the punishment when you fail? Are you sentenced to death? :joy:
  • No noise after 10 PM We have the same law. From 10pm to 6am we have something called "Nachtruhe" (translated: Night silence), no noise after 10pm. You can call the cops if your neighbors are too loud. 
    On top of that it also counts for every Sunday. You aren't allowed to do any noise on Sundays. Even vacuum clean your apartment isn't allowed. No noise. In Germany every Sunday is free, nobody has to go to work. All stores are closed aswell, just hospitals, police and other mandatory public places are opened. But with reduced amount of people aswell.   


I wouldn't call them weird. most of them are very similiar to ours. 



9 hours ago, Sejabin said:

then I will walk to my bedroom with only wear underwear/panty and bra. I do this from monday to friday HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.. sorray chingus. :joy: this is me. 


God bless you. :smirk:


9 hours ago, angelangie said:

of all the rest....i love the one highlighted the best!!!


Really? Did you sis or BIL never told you about this law in Germany aswell? :D 


7 hours ago, bairama said:

thanks for your advice, others too, really. It helps me since Idk anymore besides what the psychiatrist told me.. No one really gives advisory, relatives see him as negative. This quite funny because he paid a lot after he got working each time, think to return their time and help for us. I'm trying to not sad, I just venting my sadness here else I lose myself too, this is egoistic I know, but let me.. :bawling:


When my mom went through depression my father behaved the same. If people don't understand it, they deal with it as negative. It's easier to judge something than to learn about it. Just let time do his work. Your bro will be fine, maybe not soon, but at one point he will. Just stay by his side. 

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Suicide is illegal.Whoever attempts to commit suicide, and does any act towards the commission of such offence, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.



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