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Add and Subtract Game

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Watch it on phone @kokodus I watch more from my mobile phone than PC/laptop now.  


Right, W could be much much better if the writer stick to its ground rules. I mean she could make twist but she has to know that there's several things she could keep as those rules. Well, let's move on. Put that W on the previous page. Let it be as one of our fun memory discussion we've ever had. LOL. 


Yes yes... can't wait!! There's something in MoA that keeps drawing me in. Idk whether it's the game, its absurdity, its twist. But I'm sure HB oppa is the main reason I started all of this. Hahaha


576??   Edited 586

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@sushilicious I was actually planning to make a zombie dance gif because you're the one that mention the 80000 POST....

That means its A DOUBLE CELEBRATION... HAHA... but I'm lazy right now and I just can't decide which part I want to gif.... I love all of the zombie thriller look haha.. ... so I'll share the video for now ok... lol


"O..o... o.. off with your head... da.. dance.. dance.. dance till you're dead" :lol:

I love this song! 



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