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220 :worried:


after baby sit my niece for a week now I almost remember all those children songs and lullaby.. 

one day I will not only sing love songs in here. I will also sing the wheel on the bus ~_~

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10 hours ago, bairama said:

Btw about today, why just why there are people (actually it is still sibling) who being toxic about mental illness and saying simply because the iman (believeness in God) is in low level in front of the ill person omG waaaaAaaaahh I can't. Where the peace you bring with that tbh




i will put it down to they are not expose to 'Mental Illness' much....and they do not comprehend how much the other party is suffering because of this....


it is not only in a family but it is overall society how they sometimes outcast all these patients, we cannot fault them and we cannot say much about it.....what we can do is continue to educate the world about this i wont call it 'sickness' i will say 'symptoms' instead.


me myself was a patient of 'depression' when i was 21 when my dad passed away.....i fall into that stage unknowingly myself and i didnt knew that what i had then was also 'depression' till like 5 years later only i start to comprehend it.....


dont look at them....look away and carry on with what you are doing :) if you are able to slowly to talk about it and come to term about it....you are a better person day by by :)




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18 minutes ago, staygold said:

Pineapple head will be in Ever Night 2!!?





lols yes it was all over the news yesterday lols....


39 minutes ago, bairama said:



@angelangie ahh you were a warrior too:heart: yeah I'm all agree with that.. I hope we can make change about that even just a little:)




lols not a warrior but i guess u wise up as u age :D but yet a little will make the world or the day better for you :) 



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