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Add and Subtract Game

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I see what you were doing in my ABSence :D 


8 hours ago, Sejabin said:

@Dhakra oOo .. 




@LmanglaHaha, yeah I know it's quite a lot of work and a lot of preparation is required. I didn't know all of you were working so hard on it. Sounds quite interesting. 


But that's interesting to read, a little insight on your work. So you had total freedom, I guess the larger events are reallly a pain. 

I remember @Ais1ing having a lot of work to do during her event, and then reaching out for each team, preparing the votes, dealing with the stuff that went wrong. 



18 minutes ago, USAFarmgirl said:

the Marshmallow Twins @kokodus @Dhakra


Oh my, we have a new name I guess. -_-

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408 :relieved:


@sushilicious actually I feel frustrating to get back to this city HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH :joy: but I try to enjoy it. I have no option wkwkwkkwkw. Too lazy now. I want to sleep until tomorrow ^_* 


btw guys I watch the aquaman twice hahahahah.. I like that movie so much!!! Btw how old is nicole kidman in that movie? Did she take botox or something? o.m.g. In my 50s I want to look like nicole kidman :bawling: must I grow my hair? :kiss: okey I will grow my hair again. It’s a sign of a new life and love :heart:

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