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@kokodus @stargazer187 

I just so happen so see @packmule3 's post about Director Park.. LOL.. I guess we can wash our suspicion about him now..... :joy:

But seriously.. the mystery has been dragged on for too long... lets get a move on already! 



23 hours ago, packmule3 said:

Anyway, here's my new post on the many suspects and possible villains in Memories of the Alhambra. 






...As for Director Park, it would have been easier for him to get rid of Jinwoo at that moment he and Prof Cha discussed Hyunsuk’s autopsy.


Right then, he could have disclosed the Programmer’s statement about Jinwoo bragging about “destroying” HS. But he himself didn’t want to believe that Jinwoo was capable of killing HS.


Prof Cha: WE already decided. And I don’t want my son’s body to become a mess either. I don’t doubt Jinwoo. Therefore, there’s no reason to carry out an autopsy. What about you? What do you think?

Park: (recalling his conversation with the Programmer and Jinwoo) I think it’s absurd… to doubt him.


Of all people, he knew that Jinwoo expressed a desire to kill HyunSuk. Yet he didn’t voice his doubts aloud.


In his conversation with the Programmer, the latter disclosed, “Mr. Yoo told me that he completely destroyed him. He called me at dawn and told me that he destroyed Mr. Cha. He sounded really excited. Do you think Mr. Yoo used physical violence on him? Then he could get sued for assault or accidental homicide.”


Park indignantly protested that, “YangJu! How can you actually say that?”


*Picture above*


The Programmer continued, “I just feel uncomfortable about how he told me that he destroyed Mr. Cha.”


Then, in another flashback, he remembered how he too had been uncomfortable when Jinwoo told HIM that he wanted to stab Hyunsuk, “I could’ve done something crazy if you hadn’t called me. If I had a knife in my hand, I might have stabbed him.”


See? Park knew two occasions when Jinwoo expressed enough hatred for HyunSuk to want to kill him. If Park really wanted to get Jinwoo, he could have usurped Jinwoo's leadership position back then by raising suspicions and demanding an autopsy. 


Why wait another year?


To me, his reply to Prof Cha "I think it's absurd to doubt him" was his way to calm his OWN self-doubts about Jinwoo. He’d been shaken by the death of Hyunsuk and by the thought that Jinwoo could have been involved in it.


But he was giving Jinwoo the benefit of the doubt. He was clinging to his belief in his innocence. He wasn't going to be a "traitor". 








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