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388 :relieved:


How it is come to beeeeeee

I don’t know how you find meeeeeeeee

But from the moment I saw youuuuuu

deep inside my heart I knewwwwww


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@stargazer187 for some reason the link you posted isn't working so I don't know what it is you're trying to make. LOL Can you try posting it again? 


It's actually kinda funny because when I was younger, I wasn't really interested in going into computers. But in our 4th year of highschool, we were made to take an aptitude test. My results apparently showed that my interest was in arts but my skills scored high in analysis, logic. The guidance councilor told me that maybe I should explore fields that have analysis and logic and she said that maybe I just haven't developed a liking for it because I haven't given it a chance. So when I applied for universities, I put Computer Science as my first choice and somewhere in Arts as my 2nd choice. When I was accepted, I had an interview with the dean and she goes, "did you know that Computer Science requires a lot of Math?" And honestly, I had no idea! I just told her I knew and I'm sure I'd be fine. LOL


Anyway, long story short, I did go into Computer Science and ended up liking it. :sweat_smile: I haven't programmed since graduating since my role doesn't really require it. I am more on the product management side. 


But there are different fields in Computers so you can always choose to take specific courses that teach you what you need to know. Like if you are in graphic design, you don't necessarily need a computer science degree for that. 


@sushilicious I also want to shop. I'm actually just about to head out to the mall to shop (but just a little). LOL


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@phikyl I'm watching 15 years to wait for migratory birds. Its too slow, male lead looks too old to be playing a high schooler and Deng Lun appears for like 5 mins in each ep. Sighhh. Why am I watching this?!?! 

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