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Add and Subtract Game

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Wow this round is amazing! There really is an equal pull from both teams. We were already down to the 300s and it's now back up to the 500s again. LOL



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13 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

@stroppyse all are wrong. Sigh... then next clue please. 

Lol, I was planning to watch that drama before you told me this. I do like YJH in Monstar too. But it seems not that worth watching ya. Well, pass for me too. 

Thanks, we are fine. 


I just woke up too. It's a holiday till next year. The sun shines brightly today. Time to dry my laundry. :lol:




Did you see the clue I posted about it being a currently airing drama?


I don't usually recommend against a drama, but I don't think anyone should watch CDMAF. Blech.



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4 hours ago, mouse007 said:


@kokodus LOLOL now you're starting to understand my Deng Lun obsession


So good right? I think when he turned dark was when you could actually see a different side of Phoenix. You could tell that although he is extremely bitter and feels hurt by Jin Mi, he also still really loves her.



I really liked Deng Lun in Because of meeting you. So this show certainly is not the one that started the obsession. If at all anything, I actually was not very much impressed by Phoenix at first. Even now I think, his character could've been something more... 


I still have only 3 eps left. I stopped after the wedding yesterday. Lol. I thought they will reconcile at the very last ep only. Glad that he came to know the truth already. I guess the remaining eps are going to be the battle against Night. 




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