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Pon oppa's new actor thread   

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  1. 1. Have you visited Pon oppa's new actor thread created by partyon?

    • Absolutely! He's gorgeous.
    • Not yet, but am planning to!
    • I fear the wrath of partyon, so am forced to visit it.
    • No. And not planning to.
  2. 2. Do you know how to find Pon oppa's thread?

    • Of course. I already visited it.
    • Maybe. I think it's in the global entertainment section.
    • I better ask partyon for the link
  3. 3. Do you think Pon oppa is handsome?

    • Swoon - he's my oppa!
    • He's handsome !
    • He would look better with a mustache [Lmangla's option]
    • He's alright I guess
    • No. I prefer girly oppas.
    • No. I am only loyal to my own oppa.
    • My job is to mop up drool after Pon oppa's abs pics
    • Something else. What?

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11 hours ago, Sejabin said:

+2 :love:


General and I is really a flirtatious drama lol. Too much sexual tension in every scene :wub: wkwkwkwk :mrgreen:

the general is handsome enough :relaxed: I am just not comfortable with the set and scenes exchange. It doesn’t go smooth and natural. Like being directed by a newbie director. Is this based from a novel? And the lines sometimes does not explain this drama story well.. this drama needs to be fixed here and there but well since I can not move on yet from cdrama because of love and destiny so I continue watch. Oh I like all their intimate scenes. Lol.. 

yes - there was definitely a lot tension & chemie btwn the two ...but the story in the middle drag too much . I had to FF a lot and read recaps 


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And here was I thinking Yoon KyeSang would be the only reason I will be tuning in to Chocolate...then I see this...incoming flower boy...no wait...he’s actually an ahjussi?  Very nice...very nice indeed. :wub:.  And what’s more, he’s married and a lovely dad.  More to love. 



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@nrllee I hv seen JSJ in Money Flower . I remember he was in Familiar Wife . I like his look . Is he going to be part of a love triangle in Chocolate?  Seems like it’s going to be a melo romance with them ( OTP) meeting at a hospice ward


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8 hours ago, triplem said:

@Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama this is how nokdu oppa trains 



He is doing Pilates! Normally guys wouldn’t do it. He really is a Mrs.Kim :lol: I’ve done this move before, with twisting to the sides. Yoon Se-Ah also doing a lot of Pilates, some really challenging ones. I admire her. She started just last year, but she’s been very actively working out too before that, including dancing. 


I am only speeding through Nokdu now, not much fun since he is not dressing up anymore. 


I really enjoyed Marriage Contract btw... 



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10 hours ago, angelangie said:


love how the guy protect the girl of his interest when she received a confession by stepping right in front of her :D 




So I guess you are watching this too! Which episode is this from? 



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@Sejabin while a remake here is on it's way :D


I want to thank those who welcomed me. I don't have any ongoing dramas to watch. I'm interested on Psychopath Dairy, last time I watched while ongoing was Your Honor. Quite loyal on Yoon Shiyoon.:D While on variety, I'll try to watch the new season of 2d1n. Though I'm a bit worried if they're gonna upload it on YouTube. Been watching TROS, Matching Survival, and from time to time, MBN Naturally and Brainfficial (esp with English subs is out) :D That pretty much much sums up for me ATM



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3 minutes ago, Sushimi said:

My favourite title 2019 :joy: I am a foodie! So naturally food court is my paradise! haha



kekekek.... yea, I also put in a note about how the idea came about in case people were wondering why everything was about food! hahahhaha.... so with all these foodie titles, what else could it be except for food court! :lol:


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after my sad experiences with fandom, I can't stay a fan for more than six month (at most a year), you all know Kang Ji Hwan story, when I was helping friends join cafe daum, and then you know what happened, I really liked his role in Feel Good to Die, but wasn't really interested in his other works.


Same sad thing happened with Zin Tae Hyun, when a crazy fan tried to steal my blog, as some of know. I really feel attached to the character more the actor, I mean I see Zin Tae Hyun as Namjun, but I don't feel interested to watch him in another role, I tried some of his other works, and found myself wanting to sleep from boredom :D 


The only exceptions from this are singers, I like many of their songs like BTOB and CNBLUE.


The only actor who made me watch many of his movies is Johnny Depp who did so many good roles:

My Johnny Depp list is:

Benny and Joon
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Nick of Time
The Brave
The astronaut's wife
Pirates of the Carribbean
Secret Window
Finding Neverland
Charlie and the chocolate factory
Public Enemies
The Tourist


Horror movies I watched and had nightmares because of them @Sushimi  :D 
Sleepy Hollow
Once upon a time in Mexico
Sweeney Todd


Any of you watched those Depp movies???



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6 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

Recommended dosage: One drama for each day of the week. Two hours a day :D 



That’s the plan.  :lol: Actually SB would hv ended by now if not for all the cancellations.  
Am still on the fence about VIP ...I liked it at first but after the 4th eps , I just wasn’t really feeling it . 

@staygold gong Yoo to appear in LDW’s new talk show :wub:


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