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Just now, mouse007 said:



@angelangie oh yah, I think I've seen some clips with Didi and Shen Yue but I'm not sure if it's from The Inn. I've been mostly preoccupied with drama watching (currently on ep 23 of Ashes). 


@lynne22 I'm LOVING Jin Mi and Xu Feng in the mortal world. Gaaaah! Can they just stay cute and happy like that forever? :wub:


should be since they are in the variety show :)



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@kokodus  I hear your heart and I miss those days too and the people whom I continue to shout out and miss.  It would seem that real life is calling much stronger and they are needed in another place.  I would be one of those this week and often myself.  Sometimes it's not easy and change isn't either.   I was thinking about how much I miss that gif & song TRaNz use to play  after the Adds won once again  I use to laugh so hard and little did I know how much it would be missed.  Or having Camelknight around if I was having computer problems dang I really hate he gave up being a MOD.  What a sad day for Soompi and us.   Sometimes we take for granted even the little things in life and later we look back and they were bigger than we thought.   It's a busy time but I will try and take notice of wins and just keeping up with the kiss event this week was tough not to mention just barely  watching a few dramas most I just couldn't keep up in their threads.


  But you listen here don't you be sad this is still the sweetest place on SOOMPI and I am thankful you and others are still here and it's more than numbers that we share.  So smile, for Christmas is coming and we happy few have so much to be thankful for.  By the way just an idea mind you.... I did read something about exchanging gifts and I think it would be hard for some to mail gifts when it's been a hard year for some.  I think I remember @triplem saying something about virtual gifts and I think that is a great idea not sure how to exchange names but placing a few things you wish you could give might be fun and bring some laughter too...   But just an idea???? Missing these and so many more and hoping we see them soon....  :heart:  Subtract 2

@CamelKnight @Jillia @packmule3 @staygold @abnoch @TRaNz

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Dang I hope I get @kokodus  I know what Santa could bring her....  Anything pineapple or even a virtual date with you know who LOL:tounge_wink:

Yep I could see a gift certificate for a pineapple hug...  Move over Shen there is a new girl in town.....  -2


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