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7 hours ago, Lmangla said:

 ... this was me in the beginning of ep 1 sleep-red-crab-emoticon.gif?1292455362.... then... ops-red-crab-emoticon.gif?1292455361 "these people are kind of strange?" .... to omo, what happened? surprised-red-crab-emoticon.gif?12924553... that was ep 1! 







u should put ur reaction into the emoji challenge thread lols

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I ended up going to the hospital today because I had such bad pain in my lower abdomen and fainted because of it. Of course as soon as I get to the hospital, the pain started to go away so after waiting 3 hours, I was sent home. ANNOYING. 


I had to miss work today to rest and now I am stressing because I have a lot of work.

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@dotonly by the time the doctor checked me out, the pain was already gone so she just had me do a urine test to make sure I wasn't pregnant.


@angelangie they don't know what caused the pain but the doc thinks it could've been a cyst that burst which is why the pain was gone. She said cysts in the ovaries are quite common and when they burst, they're really painful but there really isn't anything you can do about it. She said if I was still in pain, they would've done more tests like blood work and possibly a CT scan (for the fainting which they suspect might've actually been a mild seizure) and an ultrasound.


But since it seems to have resolved itself and I'm feeling better (since I slept most of the day), I can just follow-up with my family doctor.



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1 hour ago, lynne22 said:


Ahh yes.. when @stargazer187 and @aegyoppa  was watching Prison Playbook, she told me that this is really good. 


@mouse007 O... are you feeling better now? 



Yes most recommended! Directed by the same PD who did reply series 



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