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I am finding all the current dramas boring.Still on ep 4 of 100 million... and have no motivation to watch. I hope it is just me and my phase.





Loyal to the house of horror! The Guest is the best!



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Oh . I understand. Not easy to go back to work & I know we worry if they can adapt too. Don’t worry . It may take some adjustment but it will be alright. Good thing the owner is your friend. 


10 hours ago, mouse007 said:



@triplem a family friend will be watching them when I go back to work. She runs a home daycare. I wish I didn't have to work so I could spend more time with the kiddos. :bawling:

@staygold Are you still watching Rise of the Phoenixes? 



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Sometimes it's experiencing those life lessons that are constantly moving around us and through us that make knowing that no matter what we face or endure.  Just breathing in and out is a miracle within itself.  Doing it as deeply as we can.  Filling every part of ourselves with the beauty, knowledge and thankfulness in being able to love & live one more day.  Knowing it's more than enough. Much more than so many around us are given...






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