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@LmanglaNo, not at all. The Eiffel Tower just has about 350 pieces, so it's pretty easy I guess. The Statue of Liberty in comparison had about ~1700 pieces. It also had a lot of inner construction so it is stable. It is quite big. 

Well, it isn't that expensive, since it is more niche and not a brand like Star Wars or Harry Potter. For the SoL I paid around 70€, which is around 80$. So it wasn't that expensive. The Eiffel Tower is way cheaper, only costs about half the price. 

The Star Wars, Harry Potter stuff is way more expensive, since it's a brand and targeted at kids (or parents that have kids :D )



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11 hours ago, Lmangla said:


@Dhakra ~ am sure the eiffel tower lego is really hard to build? my nephew had this star wars one and I tried to build with him over one christmas a few years back. I was so confused. :lol: kekeke..... but I was told the stars wars one was expensive. @triplem says this lego specials are super expensive? did it bite your wallet?




yea lego is really expensive.....i have 2 sets.....one is Cinema Palace and one is London Bridge.....cost a lot.... :x

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