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Add and Subtract Game

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Anyone can do the gifs. LOL. 




And it should definitely include New face PSY gifs. LOL. That's the tradition. Hahahahahaha. 

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502 :star:


@USAFarmgirl oh yes and the most important now in Palu is how to find water. you know the earthquakes changed everything there. the ground changes. there are some villages lost and moved about 3 kilometers to the different area :scream: all water's pipes broken (they are under the ground).. in normal situations it is very easy to find water under the ground in Palu. very easy. but now the grounds structure change so yes.. it's a bit difficult to find water there. that was my nightmare too. how to find water. and the earthquake still happens. my friend said 2 times this morning and a bit strong. 

I can describe my city as the heaven and the hell combined. you can find diamonds gold jade aluminum metals under the ground and more there and also horrible earthquakes :dissapointed: .. my friend said there are many foreigners there now. they are studying Geology in Palu. the geologists said strong earthquakes with more than 7 magnitude will always happen there every 130 years

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